Gary Neville revealed that the Liverpool star “laughed” at the Manchester United players on the bench

Jürgen Klopp and Thiago Alcantara share a joke during Liverpool’s 4-0 victory over Manchester United (AFP via Getty)

Gary Neville claims that Thiago “laughed” and “knocked out” Manchester United players during the 4-0 defeat to Liverpool on Tuesday night.

“United” showed another sad game as a double Mohammed Salahtogether with the goals of Luis Diaz and Sadio Mane provided a comfortable victory for Jürgen Klopp‘s side at Anfield.

Meanwhile, Thiago recorded another impressive performance at the center of Liverpool’s midfield, and Neville, who worked as a commentator for the game, believes that the Spanish national team got a lot of joy seeing the struggle of United players.

“What Liverpool did tonight is playing Manchester United“,” Neville said in a podcast by Gary Neville.

“Those laughed when he came out, he laughed at them the whole game.

“I don’t usually swear on Gary Neville’s podcast, but tonight he starred with Manchester United.”

“It was so easy for the Liverpool players.

Thiago showed another impressive performance at the center of Liverpool midfield (Getty)

Neville also praised Hannibal Maybri for his cameo against Liverpool and said the 19-year-old was the only United player to show “heart and soul”.

“You consider yourself a little unprofessional because he came and became the first in some of them, but the reality is that I had to say that,” Neville said.

“Because the instinct you have, the 1980s, the 1990s, that grows in those periods when you have a dick kicked out on the football field, and when Thiago walks there, rolling his foot on the ball, throwing it around the corner and laughing at you on the bench, you have to come and throw out some problems.

– That’s what Norman Whiteside and Brian Robson did when they came here [to Anfield] and they knew they were playing against the best players and the best team, they would come and give it.

Gary Neville says Hannibal Maybri was the only Manchester United player to show “heart and soul” for Manchester United (Reuters)

“And I watched Fr. [Manchester United] a team of the 80s that didn’t win the league so it doesn’t come from a utopia point, I came from a poor childhood because this club [Liverpool] won everything.

“But these players on the field have never done that [United’s performance against Liverpool]they never, ever did.

“And that guy came at the end and he showed something. And he reminded me of Nobi Stiles and Eric Harrison, and the basic, basic principles of a footballer – to compete, to win a duel, to fight for every ball.

“There was only one guy, one guy who came out and showed that he has the heart and soul to play for Manchester United tonight.

“And the Liverpool players did not like it. By the way, Thiago tonight was incredible, but he also went around to smash everyone! He slipped in the selection, he went to the people, as you will not believe, this is what great players do.

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Gary Neville revealed that the Liverpool star "laughed" at the Manchester United players on the bench

Source link Gary Neville revealed that the Liverpool star "laughed" at the Manchester United players on the bench