Gatsby Chocolate debuts gem-covered gemstones


CHICAGO – Gatsby Chocolate, a low-calorie brand created by co-founder Halo Top Doug Bhutan, has introduced milk chocolate-style gem-covered gemstones three times fewer calories than M & M’s candy, the company said.

Gatsby Gems is created with esterified propoxylated glycerin, a modified vegetable oil that tastes and functions as a low-calorie fat and is sweetened with a blend of allulose, erythritol and soluble corn fiber. A serving contains 70 calories and 4 grams of sugar.

“When we launched Gatsby Chocolate, we noticed that there were simply no other low-calorie chocolates – literally none,” said Mr. Bhutan, founder and CEO. “And what’s even more shocking, even other brands of low-sugar chocolate have almost as many calories as regular chocolate. With three times fewer calories and some incredible taste that melts in your mouth, our Gatsby Gems give people what they want: the ability to eat the whole package without calories, guilt and compromise. ”

In addition, the brand has added cups of peanut butter from dark chocolate by joining cups of peanut butter in the style of milk chocolate, which contain half the calories and a quarter of sugar compared to premium cups of peanut butter on the market, the company said. A serving contains 50 calories and 1 gram of sugar.

The Gatsby brand debuted last June, offering bars in the style of milk chocolate and almond dark chocolate. Mr. Buton developed the products along with other former members of the Halo Top team after its sale to Wells Enterprises more than two years ago. The complete collection of products is available online and is unfolding on shelves across the country.

Gatsby Chocolate debuts gem-covered gemstones

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