Going green with solar costs some NC residents more money; problems with Pink Energy Solar, Powerhome Solar, Generac


LILLINGTON, NC (WTVD) – “Instead of saving money, I’m paying extra money.”

Michael Howle is a Harnett County homeowner whose quest to go solar and save money on his electric bill ended up costing him more money.

“They say it’s working, but I still haven’t seen anything on my electric bill,” Howle said.

In January 2021, Hole decided to go solar. He said a salesman from North Carolina-based PowerHome Solar, which later renamed the company Pink Energy, came to his home in Harnett County and made big promises.

“They said it would work well with the view of our house and all; by putting them on the back roof, we could probably get up to 100% power with that,” Houle recalls.

In addition to energy savings, he was told that there would also be tax breaks.

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“They said once we installed them we could get a 12% tax credit.” Hole electronically signed a 37-page contract totaling more than $47,000 for 13 solar panels along with a Generac battery cabinet in his garage.

He said the sellers said it would give him extra protection.

“They say I could run a couple of rooms upstairs if the power goes out, but I haven’t been able to do that yet,” he said.

Also, shortly after his new system was installed, it stopped working.

“They tell me they’re going to bring someone in to fix it, and they send people over here, and then things don’t work.”

Month after month, he said he saw no savings on his electric bill, but he still had to make monthly payments of $171 through the system. Howle said the company has reimbursed him for a portion of his monthly payments for the solar panels, but his biggest disappointment is the lack of savings he’s seen since switching to solar.

“I haven’t done anything but reach out of my pocket since I got it, and I got it to try and save some money,” Howle said. Dianne Wilson Troubleshooting Tool.

Howle isn’t alone, Wilson has heard from more than a dozen PowerHome Solar/Pink Energy customers in North Carolina and beyond who say their systems aren’t working or they haven’t seen any difference in their energy bills since switching to solar .

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The North Carolina Attorney General’s Office has more than 110 complaints filed against the company. We have received more than 1,100 complaints Better Business Bureau over the past three years, and the BBB has issued a warning about the company for a pattern of complaints.

In 2019, the North Carolina State Examination of Electrical Contractors took action against PowerHome Solar and placed the company on one-year probation for failure to respond to complaints in a timely manner, failure to complete projects, multiple expired permits, and misconduct or unethical conduct. when using your license. The council’s chief executive said he had received other complaints as part of open and ongoing investigations.

As for Pink Energy owner Jason Waller, he’s very vocal about his Facebook page about complaints and problems faced by customers. He blames it on the supplier his company worked with: Generac.

A spokesperson for Pink Energy says: “Pink Energy is in the midst of a spike in customer service issues due to a faulty product supplied by one of our former suppliers called Generac. The affected part of Generac, called SnapRS, cannot handle such high levels of , that the vast majority of Pink Energy service calls are related to this issue, and this is negatively impacting our customer service capabilities. We strongly encourage Generac to issue a national product recall and encourage our customers to contact Generac.”

In August, Pink Energy filed a federal lawsuit against Generac, alleging that the defective products affected Pink Energy’s business and reputation. However, Pink Energy only started working with Generac two years ago, and many of the customer complaints against the company were filed before that partnership. Pink Energy did not address this.

A Generac spokesperson says in part: “In certain situations, particularly when product installation instructions were not followed, as appears to be the case with some Pink Energy installations, customers may have experienced specific problems with a specific Generac component of their solar energy system. – SnapRS 801 or 801A. We have introduced a new next generation quick disconnect device that has been designed and built to the highest reliability standards. We are committed to getting these upgrades and warranty replacements done as quickly as possible and the steps are ongoing. It is unfortunate that Pink Energy, as the installer and service provider of such products, has unilaterally decided to withdraw warranty support from Generac despite the availability of parts. Instead of helping expedite the resolution of customer complaints, they asked Generac to take this responsibility of putting the needs of those customers first, Generac always supports our products and honors its commitment to customers.”

While the two companies battle it out in court, customers like Hole are stuck in the middle. Pink Energy claims that Houle’s problems are due to Generac equipment malfunctioning. In response to the problems, Pink Energy has refunded 11 payments and says it is now expediting three additional payments due to service delays. Pink Energy also claims that Houle’s system is set up and working properly and is just waiting for the solar panels to be replaced, but he says that’s not the case.

“I would be happy if they came and took it off my roof. That would be good; then I wouldn’t have to worry about it at all,” Howl said.

In addition to the frustration from Pink Energy customers, company officials shared with ABC11 a letter they received from Pink Energy management. The letter states that the employees have been laid off and the company is closing permanently.

Both the NC Attorney General’s office and the BBB said they are working with Pink Energy to resolve customer complaints.

To protect your money if you want to go solar, do your research on the company, see complaints and what others are saying. You can’t just agree with what the seller says, you need to read all that fine print before you sign anything, especially if you’re signing electronically.

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Going green with solar costs some NC residents more money; problems with Pink Energy Solar, Powerhome Solar, Generac

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