Google gives a brief overview of this year’s Google I / O schedule


Google I / O just over two weeks left, and while we don’t yet know all about the event, this year’s official Google I / O website now has a brief overview of the schedule what to expect.

No wonder the Google I / O schedule will start with a big key report on the first day. Here Google will present all the new things you have been working on. It is expected that this is where Google announces a number of new products. Potentially the Pixel Watch, the Pixel 6a and possibly some new products for the smart home.

This particular report will begin at 10 a.m. Pacific time and should last about an hour or two. The keynote address will be followed by Keynote for Developers, where Google says it will talk about “the latest updates to its products and platforms for developers.”

In essence, this is key information that is likely to provide the least amount of information relevant to end users.

The Google I / O schedule continues with everything new

What’s new in Android Keynote, where everything becomes potentially exciting for Android fans. Google will no doubt publish a key announcement with details on Android 13. But the “What’s New in Android” program is likely to lead to a deeper immersion into all the new moments in the Android world. This includes Android 13, Jetpack tools, performance “and more!” according to the Google I / O website.

After the program report for Android during the day there will be additional reports “What’s New” on various topics. Including Firebase, Flutter, Web, AR, Google Play, Chrome OS, Google Home and finally Google Pay. Which seems to end day 1.

Day 2 mostly covers what seems to be in-depth showdowns and discussions on these topics. Keep in mind that this is probably not all the sessions that will take place during the event. This means we need to see more streams closer to or after the event.

Google I / O is scheduled to begin on May 11 and run through May 12. You can find the full schedule with all (currently visible) sessions here. And you can use the site to track everything that you think interests you the most.

Google gives a brief overview of this year’s Google I / O schedule

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