Google has released an unexpected update for Pixel 6 phones


Pixel 6 phones have received regular updates since their release in October. It seems just a week after the recent February security patch sending another OTA and we don’t quite know why. This new and unexpected update has only been launched for Pixel 6 phones.

We don’t know why Google launched these unexpected updates

On Google, you have the option to download this to your phone if you have a Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro. We know this is a new version of the software because of version number SQ1D.220205.004. The only difference from the previous version is the last three digits (this is .004, not .003).

Google has not told anyone any information as to why it launched this update out of the blue. It didn’t give us any patch notes for this unexpected update, so we were all confused.

There is one theory

Android 12 faces several challenges. The latest security update in February brought another software bug on the Pixel 6. People began to report that the February security patch violated their Wi-Fi capabilities. This issue has affected several Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro users, and no one was able to decide.

Basically, when people tried to use the Wi-Fi quick settings switch, nothing happened. The switch will switch to “On”, but Wi-Fi itself will not actually turn on. When people go to settings and turn on Wi-Fi, they come back to find that it’s turned off.

This unexpected update for Pixel 6 phones may be the solution to this problem. Lack of Wi-Fi access is a pretty nasty mistake, so Google makes sense to go and send an update as soon as possible. You can download OTA right now and try it yourself.

In other Pixel 6 news: you need to work on a calibration tool for the Pixel 6 fingerprint scanner.

Pixel 6 can be repaired by third parties fingerprint scanners, and they get a software kit that will help them calibrate the sensors. Unfortunately, it seems that the actual program can use some sort of own repair.

In order to be used, the toolkit must download the software, install it and restart the phone. However, if the application tries to download the software, it fails. The program says no software was found. Google has not yet commented on this. Hopefully the company will find a way to fix this.

Google has released an unexpected update for Pixel 6 phones

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