Granite Chin Promotions signs outstanding Brockton fan Dave Ribeiro


Granite Chin Promotions Signs Outstanding Brockton Lover Dave Ribeiro (Christian von Sponek) YouTube channel

Granite chin stock announced that it has signed an outstanding New England fan Dave Ribeirowho hails from rich boxing Brockton (Massachusetts) with an exclusive 3-year advertising contract.

A solid boxer and a fierce boxer, the 25-year-old Ribeira is a fighter who works as a social worker in Brockton in the old YMCA colony.

An award-winning amateur boxer, Ribeira has won top awards at the Mike Tyson Tournament in New York, the 2019 King of the Ring in Massachusetts, the Regional Junior Olympics and the Golden Gloves in New England in 2020. He took second place in the New England Championship (Youth Division), in addition to being a finalist in the Rocky Marcian Tournament, participated in the National Golden Gloves Tournament and the 2019 US Olympic Trials.

Ribeiro, who has dual citizenship, also took second place in the Cape Verde Olympic Trials.

“I used to think of leaving the fans, but I shot to the stars of my Olympic dream,” he explained. “But I didn’t have enough. The time was right now to become a professional instead of getting more victories as an amateur. I believe I am part of Brockton’s boxing tradition (includes members of the Rocky Marcian Hall of Fame and the wonderful Marvin Hagler). I was born and live here in Brockton. When I started boxing, my first coach was Goody Petronelli (vs. coach Hagler) at Boxing Gym Petronelli (in Brockton). It is very important for me to continue this tradition.

“I heard about Granite Chin from other boxers, such as Edith McPhan and Mike Ohan, with whom I mated,” Ribeira said of signing with Granite Chin. “I believe that Chris (Trietti) is one of the main promoters in New England. I became a professional – that’s great. We have big things ahead of us. He understands what I’m going to go through because he’s the fighter who went through it. We are focusing on May on the South Coast for my professional debut. ”

“When Carlos Alvarado (Ribeira’s adviser) first contacted me to meet with David, I had no head to get to Fall River and have a meeting,” commented the promoter of Trinity. “Everyone in New England whose opinion I value could say of him as a man and a fighter nothing but remarkable. After talking to him, I saw that he is a modest, good-talking guy who wants opportunities to prove himself in the professional ranks. Over the next few years we are going to move it at a controlled but continuous pace. He’s not going to rot his youth on small shows. He has a rich amateur background, so soon I’m going to bring him to the big stage. I have no doubt! ”

Ribeira is a puncher boxer, as is his favorite modern fighter, Terrence Crawford. “My favorite fighter of all time is Andre Ward, but he’s retired,” Dave added. “Like Crawford, I start as a boxer and box well, but I also bring strength, and eventually I knock out my opponent.”

Ribeiro won from a friendship with super-middleweight world champion Demetrius Andrade and Tok Can-Clare. “They motivate me, and I sparred with them,” said Ribeiro. “I’m from the same origin as Dmitry.”

For the amateur boxer, it is unusually effective to demonstrate an attack on the body, like Ribeira, who trains with Episcopal training and fitness in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

“My coach, Joshua Lemar, really developed my punches,” Ribeiro concluded. “He helped me develop a lot of my skills. He pulled the best out of me. I would like to pay tribute to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. “

Ribeiro joins the Granite China Stable, which includes middleweights Anthony Andreotti, Julien Baptis, Massachusetts heavyweights Denzel Whitley and Carlo Castillo, light heavyweights Laurent Humes, Edet McPanam, Leandro Carcass and Leandro Silva and Silva weightlifter Mike Ohan Jr. (New England champion), super heavyweight Quinton Sampter, light heavyweight New York Scott Lampert, super heavyweight New Jersey Tyrone Lucky, heavyweight Kaneki Mike Marshall (champion of New York) , Maine heavyweight Justin Rolfe (former New England Champion), Texas middleweight Larry Smith, Georgia middleweight Antonio Todd and Florida middleweight Manny Woods. needs your support!

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Granite Chin Promotions signs outstanding Brockton fan Dave Ribeiro

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