Hagerty now offers motorsport insurance for track racers in the UK


There is an old saying that sounds something like, “If you’re going to ride a car, you’re going to break cars.” Racing cars are not cheap, and getting into an accident at 100+ miles per hour is not only potentially deadly, but also difficult for the wallet.

Hagerty is now launching its first special racing car insurance policies in the UK that will protect drivers and teams while driving on the track as well as vehicles on the road.

To offer products Hagertsy has partnered with Gullwing Racing Insurance, which has been offering track racing insurance since 1997.

Whether you are a track days enthusiast or a professional driver, the Hagerty track policy offers the highest level of coverage. Off-road insurance will also be available to protect vehicles during transport or storage damage, fire or theft.

Policies will be available for both registered vehicles and competition vehicles, whether driving alone or undergoing vocational training. Both teams and individual drivers will be able to rest assured that they are protected in accident event.

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With regard to legal liability for the death or injury of a third party or their property, insurance policies compensate teams and drivers in the event of an accident. Hagerty has also set up a motorsport team at its UK headquarters with its own phone number and email address to offer custom services to customers.

Mark Roper, managing director of Hagerty International, said: “Many of our customers enjoy participating in motorsports using classic and collectible cars, ranging from club-level tracks to organized classic racing events such as the Goodwood Revival. Hagerty took the time to find the right partner for our motorsport, and is proud to be working with Gullwing. As a result, we know that our customers will enjoy our new product range, and our team of professionals is ready and waiting to discuss their individual needs. ”

Hagerty’s motorsport policy is immediately available in the United Kingdom.

Hagerty now offers motorsport insurance for track racers in the UK

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