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How to Activate Chrome’s Fresh Text-to-Speech Feature on Android


Google has been updating how Chrome handles text-to-speech (TTS) on Android over recent months. Initially spotted in beta in January, the feature now seems to be gradually rolling out with Chrome 125. While still in development, according to 9to5Google, users can enable it if they haven’t received it yet.

Previously, on Android, reading webpages required Google Assistant, and on iPhones, it was limited to Siri and Safari. Although iOS isn’t expected to get the Listen to Page feature soon, integrating this accessibility feature directly into Chrome is a positive move by Google.

According to 9to5Google, the new feature works well on text-heavy websites. After the page fully loads, users can access it via the three-dot menu at the top of Chrome. If the feature isn’t visible, it can be activated through the Chrome flag chrome://flags/#read-aloud. Simply enter the URL, access settings, and switch it on.

In addition to reading webpages aloud, the feature includes playback controls like speed adjustment, text highlighting, and auto-scroll. Google offers various voice options, such as U.S., U.K., Indian, and Australian English, with different pitches for warmer, calmer, brighter, or more serene tones.

The TTS control bar remains visible even when opening additional tabs, and playback continues when the device is locked. However, closing the browser or sending it to the background stops reading. The feature also works in Chrome Custom Tabs and can be set as a toolbar shortcut for easier access.

Since it’s not yet officially released (current access is a preview), Google may still be refining or adding features. Those preferring a fully released version may opt for Google’s Reading mode app as an alternative.