How to change the keyboard theme on Steam Deck


The Steam Deck has many great features, and one of them is the ability to change the theme of the keyboard. This may seem like a small feature, but it’s something extra for those who like to customize or adapt their experience in any way possible.

If you already have a Steam Deck and you don’t know how to change the keyboard theme, we’re here to help. This handy guide will walk you through all the stages so you will be ready to change the subject at any time.

Changing the keyboard theme is actually pretty simple, but Valve doesn’t put it at the center. You don’t necessarily have to dig for that, though. Before that, just a few menus. However, if you are like us, one of the first things you can do is find keyboard themes so you can check them out and choose the one you like best.

How many keyboard theme options are there in Steam Deck?

Steam Deck now has 5 different keyboard themes available to users. Although one is exclusive to the 512GB model. While the other four are available to everyone. Themes available to everyone include the default theme, Night Shift, Candy Coded and Steam Green. The exclusive theme for the 512GB model is called the DEX-85.

You can check out the exclusive theme and all four other themes in the images above.

How to change the keyboard theme

First of all, check out all the Steam Deck buttons. The one you are looking for is the Steam button.

Click the Steam button to open the menu

Steam Deck menu

Click the Steam button. This will open a side menu that pops up on the left side of the screen. You are looking for the Settings option.

Go to the Settings menu

Enter the settings and scroll down until you see the keyboard settings.

Choose one of the keyboard theme options from the drop-down menu

Steam Deck Keyboard Settings

Now that you are in the keyboard settings, go to the right and open the drop-down menu to select one of the available keyboard theme options. Remember. If you use a 512GB model, you will have only 5 themes to choose from – default, Night Shift, Candy Coded, Steam Green and DEX-85. If not, you will have everything except the DEX-85.

Keyboard theme preview

If you want to see how they look on your Steam Deck before you choose, you can view them on your device by selecting show keyboard. You can also adjust the tactility of the keyboard here if you plan to type using the touch screen instead of the d-pad / thumb buttons and the ABXY buttons.

Can you get more themes for Steam Deck Keyboard?

At this point, it seems you can’t purchase more themes for your Steam Deck keyboard. However, it is likely that over time Valve will add more.

If and if Valve decides to do this, you’ll probably be able to pick them up on Steam Glasses shop where you can buy them for a certain amount of Steam points. After all, here you can capture other customization items such as profile background, avatars, avatar borders and more. You can earn Steam points by buying games, equipment, and doing trials and more during events that usually take place at the same time as big Steam sales. Such as summer and winter sales.

And that’s all. Change the Steam Deck keyboard theme pretty quickly and easily. Just be sure to keep an eye out for new keyboard themes in the future, as at some point Valve may release more.

How to change the keyboard theme on Steam Deck

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