How to get an 80% discount on prescription drugs


Americans spend more on prescription drugs than any other country in the world, in 2020 alone spending was more than $ 358 billion.

This is largely due to the high prices of drugs used by millions. Georgetown’s study shows that about 66% of Americans take at least one prescription drug. You know how expensive a bottle of pills and other medications can be if you do.

You may feel that there is nothing you can do about these costs. Most people get prescriptions at the pharmacy closest to home, and don’t realize that your chosen location plays a role in how much you pay. In just a few seconds you can get your phone and find a better price.

It helped me a lot

About a year ago I had a rash on my arm. I got a prescription from my doctor and when I went to the pharmacy to pick it up, the bill struck me. The total was $ 175 for a tiny container of cortisone cream. I asked the pharmacist if this might be correct. Then he showed me a website that completely changed the way I see recipes. It’s called GoodRx.

With the help of our sponsor GoodRx you enter your zip code, enter the medication you are looking for and you will get a list where you can find it at the best price. We are talking about savings of up to 80%. What cream do I need? Instead of paying $ 175, my pharmacist and I found it through GoodRx for only $ 35. He reviewed the price and I was ready.

Get it. You don’t even need an account to use GoodRx. That’s right. No login to remember, no data collection, nothing. It is just a matter of providing you with the best prices.

But what if I have insurance?

Let me be clear: GoodRx is not health insurance. This is just another option on your side. About 70% of GoodRx users to have health insurance, but decided not to use it by prescription because the prices on GoodRx are much better. Instead of paying a surcharge or Medicare, you can open GoodRx to find an even better price.

GoodRx hosts more than 70,000 pharmacies nationwide, including Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Kroger, Albertsons, Safeway and RiteAid.

How much can you save?

As I said, you can save up to 80% on prescription drugs. In 2020, the average user received an average of more than 70% savings from retail prices. That’s a lot of money!

As an example, take the blood pressure medication Atorvastatin. We found it at Bashas Pharmacy here in Phoenix, for $ 8.25, a 95% discount off the retail price. Wow. What about the proton pump inhibitor Pantaprazole? Prices range from $ 30.70 at CVS Pharmacy to $ 9.20 at Costco.

To check the prices of where you live, go to Enter the name of the drug, then click on the button “Find the lowest price”And you start working.

After choosing a drug you can set the form, dosage and quantity, as well as your location. GoodRx results show how much prescription prices can vary. You can even find a new place to buy a prescription that you didn’t even think of.

What are you waiting for?

Like I said, GoodRx is completely free to use, you don’t need to create a login, and there are no special codes or promos to remember. Although I have something to ask for.

Great people from GoodRx have created a special landing page just for my listeners and readers. Using this link helps them show that I sent you, and helps me for free to create great content on the radio and online, just for you. If you appreciate my emails, learn from my website or enjoy listening to my show, do me a favor and use my link to find these great offers.

Just go to to begin. Here’s a big savings for you!

How to get an 80% discount on prescription drugs

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