How to improve abilities in Kirby and the Forgotten Land


As well as being much nicer, friendlier and friendlier to the children of Mega-Man, Kirby claims fame in his ability to suck out enemies and absorb their strength to use as his own. Part of the fun of each game is to see with what new forces this pink little ball will play, or with what new forces the previous abilities will play. У Kirby and the Forgotten Landour magical hero may not have the most copying capabilities he has ever had access to in the game, but other than the new 3D world he lives in, the game offers a new and exciting way to make his copying skills fresh for his last walk.

After gaining the ability to copy Kirby usually gets a new move or two related to the power he has gained to use until he loses it or changes it to a new one. Kirby and the Forgotten Land makes copying capabilities a little more significant by allowing you to upgrade them to a special store at the center of the game, Waddle Dee Town. These updates can change many aspects of your favorite abilities, but unlocking the ability to do so and what you need to do to upgrade different abilities is a bit of a challenge. If you want to make your Kirby’s coping abilities the most powerful they can be Kirby and the Forgotten Landhere’s everything you need to know about how to improve all of his abilities.

Note: We will list all the copying options in the game at the bottom of this guide. If you don’t want to know what each ability in the game is, skip the last section.

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How to upgrade copying skills

Before you get ahead of yourself, there’s one hurdle on your way before you can even look at upgrading any copying abilities Kirby and the Forgotten Land. This checkpoint is a zone of natural plains, and the chief – Garimonda. This massive gorilla is the first boss in the game, and it is not too difficult, but it must be overcome before being sent to Waddle Dee Town. Once there, you’ll see that the Waddle Dee weapons store has been erected and ready to go. Here you will perform all your copying capabilities, but you can also test any ability you have found so far and equip it for the next mission.

After your first visit, store owner Waddle Dee will give you enough resources to upgrade your Fire or Cutter ability once and for all. The three things you need to improve your abilities are coins, rare stones and a plan of the ability you want to upgrade.

Upgrading can be as simple as increasing loss, but can also change how the ability fully functions as well as how it appears visually on Kirby. The higher the level you want to improve your ability, the more coins and rare gems it will cost you.

How to get rare stones

Description of Fire ability.

Coins are easy to find, but rare stones, as the name implies, are less common. These special items can only be found in two ways: completing the Treasure Road level or as a reward for competing in the Colosseum. The Colosseum will eventually become available in Waddle Dee Town and take on combat missions as you expected, and the Treasure Road stages appear as you progress through the major levels. When they appear, take them to a stage that gives you either the ability or a transformation in a sip mode that you can use in an attempt to finish the stage as quickly as possible. While there is a target time you can aspire to, you don’t need to beat it to get rewarded for a rare stone.

Where to find all the drawings

Kirby gets the plan.

Perhaps the most important component to improving your copying skills are drawings. Without these scrolls you will not be able to activate the ability to copy no matter how many coins and rare stones you have. Here are the steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation.

Needle diagrams: The scale of the cement summit

Chain bomb scheme: High-speed water supply

Noble Ranger’s Plan: Tropical terror

Toy hammer scheme: Welcome to Wondaria

Scheme of a giant sword: Roundabout

Failure plan in time: Invasion of the House of Horrors

Fleur Tornado Plan: Vondaria’s dream parade

Pencil drill scheme: Danger under the Great Top

Dragon fire scheme: Metro on ice

Frosty ice plan: Battle of the Blizzard Bridge

Bomb homing scheme: The unexpected king of beasts

Crystal needle scheme: Empty where life began

Buzz-saw cutter scheme: Search for an oasis

Wild hammer scheme: Alivel Shopping Center

Double drill scheme: Lunar Canyon

Blizzard Ice Plan: Collector in the Sleepless Valley

Space Ranger Plan: Take Inferno Road

Deep sleep scheme: The power plant is on fire

Storm Tornado Plan: Gathering of the Council of the Beast

Meta Knight’s scheme: Colosseum of Waddle Dee

Masked hammer pattern: Colosseum of Waddle Dee

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How to improve abilities in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

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