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In the April issue of PCR, which is dedicated to cybersecurity, we will also open channels to provide comments for the Q&A roundtable

If you would like to comment, see the questions below for expert comments:

  1. What do you think is the state of the security industry?
  2. What are the main issues or threats affecting the channel?
  3. Which industries are experiencing increased threats and cybersecurity challenges?
  4. Are there any new threats that have emerged recently? If so, what and how did it happen?
  5. What would you advise a technical channel to help protect their business?
  6. What new threats or challenges does the consumer industry face in terms of cybersecurity?
  7. How can businesses simplify their security infrastructure to manage all endpoints and areas that may be attacked?
  8. How sophisticated are the attacks, who are these attackers?
  9. What future threats do companies need to be aware of, and how can businesses ensure that they have remedies?
  10. How have recent challenges, such as the virus and other recent critical issues in Europe, posed major threats to business in relation to cybersecurity and cyber attacks?

We will need about 100 words per question along with a picture of the commenter.

The editorial deadline is March 20.

Please send all answers: Michelle Winnie

Read the latest issue of the monthly PCR magazine here:

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How to join – PCR

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