How to record a screen on a Mac


Knowing how to screen recording on a Mac is a useful skill that can help you both in your personal and work life.

Whether you need to take a screenshot to show someone a short tutorial, or you want to record it Apple Arcade Fucking on your new MacBook, we’re covered for you.

The process for it is pretty simple, no matter how you work macOS Monterey, Big Sur or Mojave, and even some further operating systems. With a few different execution methods, you can also choose which way you want to start recording.

Equipment used

Short version

  • Use the screenshot toolbar (Cmd + Shift + 5)
  • Use Quicktime Player
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    The MacOS screenshot bar (as present in MacOS Mojave and later) is a versatile tool. This allows you to not only take screenshots, but also record the screen at the touch of a button.

    To access the toolbar, just use “Cmd + Shift + 5”, or if you have a MacBook with a touchpad, you also choose to access it from there. This will open a general menu of screenshots, and on the right side of it there is an option to record the entire screen or record a separate part. To record the selected part, simply drag the cursor across the screen to create a border.

    To start recording, simply press the Record button after you have selected your option, and if you have a MacBook with a touchpad, you will see that it will change to show the recording duration, the total file size, and gives you the option to stop recording. if you need it. You can also use the “Control + Esc” key combination to stop recording.

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    Use QuickTime Player (Control + Command + N)

    If using the screenshot bar is not your jam, then Apple will also allow you to use the old reliable QuickTime Player to record the screen.

    To do this, open QuickTime Player, go to “File” and hover over it to open the drop-down menu. In the first three choices, you should see the “New screen recording” option, which can also be accessed using the Control + Command + N shortcut.

    This will bring up the Screenshot Toolbar, and then you press the Record button to start and the Stop button to stop (or you can use Control + Esc).

    As soon as you stop recording, QuickTime will automatically open the newly created video file, and it should be marked with the header “Screen recording date in”. You can then save them and decide where to store them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the screen recordings stored?

By default, MacOS keeps screenshots on your Mac’s desktop with the name provided, although on the screenshot toolbar you can choose a default save location so you can keep track of all your screen recording antics.

How to record a screen on a Mac

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