How to stun enemies in the Elden Ring


Is Elden’s Ring this is your first game From Software or you are experienced Shower player, you’ve probably learned that some game systems can be a bit … opaque. Stunning is a great example: players know it’s in play, they can see how it works when an enemy drops a shield or is interrupted, but it’s unclear what’s going on.

Stunning is a clear advantage in Elden’s Ring, especially if you face a heavily armored opponent or try to break a set of boss moves before he completely destroys you. Although some of the mechanisms behind this are still a bit vague, we know enough to turn you into a stunning wizard anyway. Here’s what to do.

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An important indicator of the balance of the Elden Ring

Spend long enough starting with your Tarnished statistics page Elden’s Ring, and you’ll notice a little statistic below called Poise. Balance is combined with an indefinite figure on the right, which can increase or decrease depending on the armor you wear and how you align your character. This Elden’s RingVersion ‘s’ grooves’ or’ racks’.

Think of Balance as an invisible device that fills up when you are hit by an enemy. It looks very similar to the visible sensors that fill up when you get poisoned or bleed – when the sensor fills up completely, when the status takes effect and you start losing health. If the “indicator” of Balance fills up / you lose Balance, your character falters, which is usually very bad news.

This is important because most enemies are in the game too seem to have assigned their own rate of balance. This means you can take advantage of their level of balance to stun them, just as you use bloodsuckers or poison weapons to raise status on enemies.

How to break the balance of the enemy and shake it

Three soldiers are going to attack the castle.

There are several strategies you can use to crush enemies, allowing you to inflict a few more attacks or force the enemy to drop a shield so you can deal a critical strike. Here are some of the best ways people have found to break the enemy’s balance and make them falter:

  • Heavy attacks, especially charged heavy attacks, are great for stunning enemies
  • Heavy attack in jumping is especially useful when building a chessboard
  • Shield breaks often stun the enemy instantly, although they choose the time and train
  • Some special attacks from Ashes of War are also very stunning, especially those that hit hard
  • It is important to attack consistently to stun the enemy, so try to get as many attacks
  • A chain of quick attacks from a set of daggers or something like Ash of War: Sword Dance can also quickly stun the enemy.

The best weapon to break the enemy balance

The Great Sword of the Elden Ring.

Increase your strength and look for the biggest and heaviest weapon for the best effect. This means focusing on weapons such as big swords, big axes, hammers and any weapon labeled “Colossal” such as the Big Dragon Claw. This is best for stunning shielded enemies and similar situations.

Light, very fast weapons can also successfully stun enemies, but you will need time to repel all blows, which can be very difficult in Elden’s Ring. Therefore, it is usually better to depend on heavy weapons with large single strikes.

Does stunning affect bosses?

Knight of the Ink in the Elden Ring.

Yes, but it is dangerous. You have to be quite aggressive to stun enemies, and be aggressive with Elden’s Ring bosses are a recipe for disaster. However, if successful, it could also open up key opportunities for attack. It’s best to try on smaller, protected bosses such as annoying Crucible Knights, but for best results you’ll need to memorize their attack patterns. Jumping heavy attacks are often the safest option. If you like to fend off, note that it may take a few bursts to completely freak out the boss.

Also, keep in mind that many spirits that you can summon to help in boss fights also inflict physical damage with your weapons, which can also be used to attack the boss’s balance.

Does magic work on Balance in the Elden Ring?

It doesn’t seem to work the same way. But some spells and spells seem to have stunning mechanics, especially those that have a more physical / gravitational aspect. A good example is the Rock Sling spell, which can impress even bosses at a distance.

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How to stun enemies in the Elden Ring

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