How to watch, stream Project 1619 documentaries on Hulu


Hulu to premiere new limited docu-series as part of latest expansion “Project of 1619,” a lauded but debated multimedia journalism project that places the history of slavery at the center of America’s founding.

The six-part series, also titled Project 1619, is set to debut on the streaming service in two episodes on Thursday, January 26.

Behind the series is the lead author of the project, New York Times reporter Nicole Hannah-Joneswho is the host of the series and one of its executive producers along with Oprah Winfrey.

Hannah-Jones won the 2020 Pulitzer Prize for Commentary for the project, which was published in a six-part New York Times special section, book and podcast.

The six episodes — “Democracy,” “Race,” “Music,” “Capitalism,” “Fear,” and “Justice” — are adapted from essays in the book Project 1619: A New Origins Story. The book expands on the project’s original issue published in The New York Times Magazine in 2019.

“This is America’s story, this is our argument,” Hannah-Jones said during the Television Critics Association tour this month, according to Deadline, an industry news website. “You cannot understand the history of America without understanding the history of slavery. This is not a documentary about black people, this is a documentary series about America. It allows us to better understand the country we live in.”

2023 Sundance FilmFestival-The1619ProjectPortraitSessio.JPG
Executive producer Nicole Hannah-Jones poses for a portrait to promote the TV series Project 1619 during the Sundance Film Festival on Friday, Jan. 20, 2023, in Park City, Utah. Taylor Jewell Invision / AP

Hannah-Jones’ career includes living and working in North Carolina, where she studied journalism at the University of North Carolina and previously worked as an education reporter for the News & Observer.

Hannah-Jones and Project 1619 made local and national headlines.

The News & Observer reported that the project was mentioned amid debate over critical race theory and how students study United States history. The New York Times explained the claim from the project that “the main reason the colonists fought the American Revolution was to protect the institution of slavery.”

But The Times said it stood by the “main point” and pointed to the project as “how important it is to keep working together to illuminate the past”.

This cover image published by One World showcases Project 1619: A New Origin Story, which expands on a 2019 New York Times Magazine publication that centers the nation’s history around slavery and led to a Pulitzer Prize for commentary for project creator Nicole Hanna-Jones . One world through AP AP

UNC controversy

In North Carolina, controversy arose in 2021 when UNC-Chapel Hill announced that Hannah-Jones would join the Hasman School of Journalism as a faculty member, but refused her position.

The saga led to a bitter dispute between Hannah-Jones and the UNC Board of Trustees.

“The university’s board of trustees … are political appointees, most of them were appointed by Republican governors, and they opposed Project 1619,” Hannah-Jones said on the news podcast. Latin American United States this month.

Professional athletes, artists, historians, journalists, political activists and UNC alumni across the country publicly demonstrated their support for the university to grant Hannah-Jones the position.

The Board of Trustees eventually did, but Hannah-Jones refused to come to UNC. Instead, she accepted a position at Howard University to become the inaugural Knight Chair.

The dispute culminated in a settlement between Hannah-Jones and the university for less than $75,000 approved by Chancellor Kevin Guskevich.

Hannah-Jones previously said the three key initiatives included in the agreement are largely about improving diversity and supporting people of color at the university. Hannah-Jones said she and her legal team “took these concessions directly from the requests of student and faculty groups and fought very hard for them.”

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How to watch, stream Project 1619 documentaries on Hulu

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