It could be a wireless VR headset from Valve, Deckard


Recently published by US patent The app can provide a good preview of the wireless VR headset from Valve.

The rumor mill has been flaring up recently with a deep dig into Steam code, revealing intriguing details that seem to suggest that a new display system mounted on the head, possibly called Deckard, is under development. So far, most indications are that this is a separate wireless headset similar to Meta’s Quest 2 – or at least a device that can be used without a PC connection.

Much of the patent discusses the headband and how it allows for various adjustments for optimum comfort while still holding securely – as well as preventing the leakage of outside light inside. The patent contains several drawings showing two dials on the back to adjust the landing, allowing you to customize even in the middle of a game or other VR experience without having to use both hands or remove the headset.

The design specified in the patent may never be manufactured; however, it’s interesting to see what Valve has been working on, and it’s likely that at least some aspects of this design will be used in a future product. The earbuds look very similar to the current Valve Index, and still have a center strap that runs from front to back with straps on hooks and adjustment loops.

In addition to the center strap, the dials are described as a way to adjust both the top and side tightness, so perhaps an additional dial will allow you to adjust the top strap faster and without having to separate it before tightening. This can be critical in the middle intense VR session when the headset slips, causing the sharpness of the image to suffer.

Is the back strap of the Valve VR headset gaining a Deckard patent?

While fit and comfort are very important aspects of either VR headset, equipment characteristics – this is what is of most interest. Unfortunately, no details have been provided in this regard. Earlier speculation suggested that the Valve Deckard headset was rumored to have many of the same features as Meta’s Quest 2, while retaining the ability to connect to a PC to run better games and more demanding applications.

З Cumbria Targets and Apple’s first VR headset is expected to appear in 2022, it seems Valve may also engage in a brawl with Deckard, making this year the biggest year for virtual reality equipment.

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It could be a wireless VR headset from Valve, Deckard

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