Jaguar is kicking off its upmarket push with a new lifestyle ad campaign


It has been known for some time that Jaguar is looking to make a leap into the luxury market, trying to compete with Rolls-Royce and Bentley rather than Mercedes-Benz and BMWand the latest step in their transition is a new ad campaign.

The company aims to become a fully electric ultra-luxury brand by 2025, all of their models will cost at least six figures. To achieve this, this new advertising campaign attempts to position itself as the automotive equivalent of some of the most exclusive luxury fashion brands.

“We’re actually part of that world, but we don’t really communicate the brand that way. We’re pretty steeped in automotive tradition,” said Stuart Shore, vice president of communications for Jaguar Land Rover North America. Automotive news Europe. “And as we try to pick ourselves up and move into the future, sometimes you just need a big break.”

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In the first series of ads, which can already be seen on the automaker’s Twitter account, the focus is on clothed models, while the cars are deliberately left dark and colorless to avoid being the center of attention. We’re not sure how much better the strategy is to sell the cars, but we won’t argue with what’s probably a very tactical marketing move on Jaguar’s part.

However, ads will appear in relevant fashion magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and Esquire to attract this clientele, as well as in Road & Track to appeal to the car enthusiast population. “We’ve made this conscious effort in our advertising, in our social media and in our photography to be much more sophisticated, much more elegant and much more modern,” Shore said.

The ad campaign marks the start of Jaguar’s ‘Reimagine’ plan, which aims to phase out the current crop of cars by 2025 in favor of all-electric lineup. Part of that includes creating cars that are more luxurious and customizable overall and worthy of the $100,000+ price tag, and completely revamping the dealership experience to match.

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Jaguar is kicking off its upmarket push with a new lifestyle ad campaign

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