Jay Lena finds that the Ferrari F50 V12 comes to life near the red line


The Ferrari F50 it’s a cult car with an amazing story, and in this video Jay Lena feels all he has to offer. Borrowed to him by fellow amateur and car owner David Lee, Leno gets an extensive tour of the car before enjoying its unique sounds and sensual driving sensations.

Leno famously does not own any Ferrari but, nevertheless, he greatly appreciates them. This is joined by the F50 red example of the same year. Lee owns both cars, but says yellow costs more, as only 31 cars have been treated in that color.

That’s not to say the red-painted car is inexpensive, as the one featured here was sold for $ 4.4 million. That makes yellow worth about $ 5 million, according to Lee. When two gentlemen pass by the cars, interesting details are revealed.

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For example, buyers should look to see if a carbon fiber weave is visible through the paint, because if it isn’t, there’s a good chance the panel in question has been repainted, Lee says. Also, the top requires hours of work to install and remove properly. No quick clips or shutdowns were available.

This contributes to Lena’s decision to ride on the yellow, because it has a hard top. Despite this, the cabin is not quite quiet. The noise is completely unique and rumbles with a mechanical note unheard of in modern supercars.

Lee calls it “intermittent” near the red line, and of course Jay has no problem turning the car to hear it more often. He also says the V12 comes to life next to the red line. Keep in mind that this supercar is about 25 years old, but it still works like when it was new.

However, Lee needs a little work on it to make it perfect. For example, Lena notices that the tires feel old and confident enough, Lee confirms this in a few minutes. There are a lot of car artists who wouldn’t realize this just by driving a car, but, to his credit, Leno did.

Jay Lena finds that the Ferrari F50 V12 comes to life near the red line

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