Join a virtual tour of the school led by the new principal of the year


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  • Join us in a virtual tour of @GreeneCentralHS @GreeneCoSchools. Director @DrPatrickGreene is the director of Wells Fargo 2022. # accepted

  • This is a school where there is a lot of love, peace, hope and joy. Meet the director of @DrPatrickGreene, the director of the year Wells Fargo 2022. # accepted

Welcome Green Central High School in Snow Hill. This is a school led by the director of the year at Wells Fargo 2022 Patrick Green.

Mebane Rash / EducationNC

Meet Director Green. Here in the classroom the teacher is watching.

Mebane Rash / EducationNC

He had just received his Ph.D., and congratulatory signs stood across the school. Everyone in the building was really proud of them.

Mebane Rash / EducationNC

The first thing you notice when you go to school is art. He’s everywhere – including on the ceiling – and it’s amazing. Caroline Parker of EdNC is considered this school is a holy grail of ceiling tiles.

Mebane Rash / EducationNC

Mixing mosaic standards and teaching the use of modern pixel, the Rubik’s Cube project is popular every year in art lessons. “Honestly [the Rubik’s cube project], it is a success for them. The most important thing for me is that they can get a problem that they don’t know what to do, and in a very short period of time achieve great success. ” said Ashley Shiosaki, art teacher, in an interview with EdNC.

The horticulture class conducts public plant sales throughout the year and earns more than $ 20,000 from sales. The sales and greenhouse are run by students with instructor Henry Passour, a teacher who is twice retired.

Students learn to build arcade games from scratch.

David Ginn, a driving instructor, wears the shirt pictured in the school every day and approaches every interaction with love, peace, hope and joy. His campaign grew throughout the district. “My idea is that you know we don’t have to agree, but if we can at least agree on these four things and join, have a conversation with these four things in our head, if we try to talk, we’ll have better results “He said.

Caroline Parker / EducationNC

Green Central High School is an excellent NC STEM school. Find out more about all STEM stuff in Greene Central here.

It’s such a cool place to have even rabbits and pigs there.

Green said Liz Bell of EdNC the school has seen the results of removing traditional restrictions in the curriculum and creating a place where students are genuinely interested in school activities.

“The old model of the school doesn’t necessarily match where we’re going,” Green said.

Congratulations to Director Green!

You can follow him on Twitter @DrPatrickGreene.

Mebane Rash

Meban Rush is the CEO and Editor-in-Chief of EducationNC.

Join a virtual tour of the school led by the new principal of the year

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