Jonas Griffith’s injury reinforces the Broncos’ need to sign another ILB


Jonas Griffith is set to miss an extended period of time with an elbow injury. Even before this injury, the Broncos needed to sign another linebacker.

Even before his elbow injury, Jonas Griffith was an arguable quarterback for the Denver Broncos was the worst position group on the list.

With Griffith probably more than a month away, this becomes even more true.

Of course, some might say that the ILB position has become devalued in today’s NFL. Teams are using defenses with more defensive backs, and many of these DBs play a hybrid role with the ability to “play” the midfielder.

However, Art Denver Broncos are in a different situation. This is a team ready to fight and win now. They are not under renovation or anything even close. They are now in a position where they can and should consistently field their best team.

The Buffalo Bills’ 2022 offseason was a great example of this. In reality, they probably didn’t need to sign Von Miller, Jamison Crowder, or a host of players on the defensive line.

However, they did it because they knew their window to win the Super Bowl was wide open, and if they have the opportunity to sign good players, why not do it?

I think the Broncos and George Payton should have the same mindset. They are solid at most positions, but could find an upgrade in free agency.

The team should have signed a veteran receiver like Will Fuller or Emmanuel Sanders when Tim Patrick went down. Both of them are proven players who could give the team a boost.

I also think they could add another proven cornerback to the room.

Now that the Broncos have dealt what appears to be some pretty serious damage to an already weak bullpen, the need to sign another player, another serviceable player, becomes more pressing.

I really think the Broncos could benefit from returning Alexander Johnson, who along with Josey Jewell has become one of the best in the league ILB duets

Solid players like Anthony Hitchens, Don’t’a Hightower and former Bronco Danny Trevathan are also free agents who could sign with the team.

In my opinion, one of George Patton’s negatives is his seemingly stubborn “next man up” mentality.

Early in his tenure, he built on the idea of ​​creating a strong internal culture and rewarding players accordingly.

He kept his word by extending Justin Simmons and Shelby Harris. He also brought back Kareem Jackson, gave Josie Jewell a new contract and extended the contracts of Courtland Sutton and Tim Patrick.

All of these players set the tone and are leaders for the Denver Broncos, but I think George Payton needs to open up a little more.

Denver seems to want to rely on a next-man-up mentality for the injured Tim Patrick, who will miss the 2022 season. The Broncos have plenty of young receivers from recent rosters who are now getting extra chances because of Patrick’s injury.

However, it’s highly likely that players like Kendall Hinton, Montrell Washington and Seth Williams won’t be able to come close to trying to replace the production that Tim Patrick provided.

Here, I think, George Patton should be active.

For example, the Buccaneers recently signed Julio Jones due to their need for another receiver. Instead of hoping that one of their younger or unproven guys would fit, they just brought in a talented veteran.

I wish George Patton would do more of this. At this point, I don’t expect him to bring in a veteran linebacker, but there are proven players who could replace Jonas Griffith.

Jonas Griffith’s injury reinforces the Broncos’ need to sign another ILB

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