Kia EV6 – Car of the Year in Europe, Nissan Juke Hybrid and the new Ford Everest 2023: your morning report


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Kia EV6 is the first European car of 2022 for the Korean brand

Kia wins first-ever European Car of the Year award with EV6, beating tough competition Renault Megane E-Tech Electric and Hyundai Ioniq 5. Meanwhile, the votes of Russian jury members were not taken into account in response to the attacks on Ukraine.

The new Nissan Juke Hybrid 2022 has received an electric transmission with EV mode

Nissan introduced the Juke Hybrid before it goes on sale this summer. It uses the same transmission that already exists in the Renault Clio and Captur E-Tech versions, with a 1.6-liter engine mated to two electric motors. This is good for 25% more power than the 1.0-liter Juke turbocharged engine, with fuel economy savings of up to 20% in the combined cycle.

Ford Everest 2023: new Ranger-based SUV – bigger, more comfortable and more capable

The new Ford Everest is shown as an off-road version of the latest Ranger pickup for the Australian market, with versions also for Asia and Africa, but not for North America and Europe. The exterior and interior have been redesigned, the interior has a portrait 10.2-inch (or 12.4-inch in platinum models) touch screen.

Lucid reduces production by more than a third as a result of supply chain problems

Lucid has revised its production targets downwards when tackling supply chain problems. Lucid originally planned to build 20,000 units in 2022. Now it is 30-40% less, and production is estimated at 12,000-14,000 cars. Despite the setback, Lucid seems to be fully implementing plans to increase its operations. It has just been announced that a new production facility will be built at the brand’s home in Saudi Arabia, while more workers will be hired in the US.

The electric crossover Lotus Type 132 will debut on March 29

A new era for Lotus is about to come, and the first-ever SUV brand crossover will be unveiled on March 29th. A new teaser will appear on the launch date, which will familiarize with the appearance, interior and transmission. We can see subtle LED lighting, aerodynamic wheels with carbon fiber accents and digital side mirrors. Inside there are oars to change the drive modes and illumination of the switchgear, while the power transmission will have batteries with a capacity of 92-120 kW / h.

Will ex-Jerry Seinfeld Porsche Carrera GT set a new auction record despite more mileage?

The Carrera GT already has quite a reputation as a car with significant premiums. But will this car, which once belonged to Jerry Seinfeld, break previous records? More than a week before entering the auction block, it is already $ 1.6 million and must exceed $ 2 million to set a record.

Perhaps the Polestar 4 Mule spy is likely to portend an electric crossover coupe

We believe our spies managed to catch a Polestar mule, possibly for a preview of the Polestar 4. It has a larger wheelbase than the XC40, with some Polestar 2 elements. It has a wide track and extended wings that roll low for an aggressive position.

What else does the news

Reviews of Steam Deck came out

Reviews of the long-awaited Steam Deck have been released. Created by Valve, the portable console aims to make portable PC games, runs with a full desktop operating system and, in theory, can play more games than any portable gaming machine ever built.

Musk Jet Tracker is aimed at Russian oligarchs

Jack Sweeney, known for creating a Twitter account that tracks Ilona Mask’s personal plane, has now turned his attention to Russian oligarchs. The Russian oligarchs Jets have already gained more than 112,000 subscribers.

Kia EV6 – Car of the Year in Europe, Nissan Juke Hybrid and the new Ford Everest 2023: your morning report

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