Kia EV6 caught fire after a collision in Budapest


Footage from Hungary has appeared on the Internet, showing a large fire after a collision of a Kia EV6 with a concrete barrier. The circumstances of the incident remain a mystery.

What caused the collision is still unclear, but EV6, a new cordless electric car from South Korea’s Kia seems to have crashed into a concrete barrier head-on. It is clear how the flame rises from the front of the car.

Like the cause of the accident, the origin of the fire is unknown, but it is well documented that damage to high-voltage cables can cause the car to catch fire, and that lithium-ion batteries, like those that power EV6, can be very severe to put out as soon as they burst into flames.

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If it was an all-wheel drive model, it is possible that the collision caused damage to the electric motor in front of the car and related high-voltage parts, but at the moment there is no such information. How InsideEVs shows that the fire does not seem to come from batteries.

Unfortunately VillanovtosThe publication, which published the video on YouTube, reports that the driver of the vehicle was injured in the incident and was taken to hospital. Their condition is currently unknown.

Studies have shown that there is fewer fires per capita in electric vehicles than in internal combustion cars and hybrid cars. Despite this, the fires associated with lithium-ion batteries used in many EVs can be very difficult to put out.

This issue may be sensitive for Kia, in particular, which is on the verge of a serious EV push. Her sister brand, Hyundai, has also recently been embroiled in a wreck related to its electric vehicles, like Kona Electric was recalled due to the risk of fire, and the company faced an unfriendly reaction in South Korea for what it believed it had not done enough to rectify the situation.

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Kia EV6 caught fire after a collision in Budapest

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