Koenigsegg is releasing a modern version of the CC8S called the CC850


Twenty years after Koenigsegg launched its first production supercar, CC8S, it introduced a spiritual successor called the CC850. But it’s not just a rebadged Jesko, as this new hypercar has plenty of new features of its own.

The world premiere of the new CC850 began with founder Christian von Koenigsegg driving up to the venue in the original CC8S. He tells us about the incredible history of the brand since its launch and mentions this fact eska was sold out for a while. The new CC850 will be the next hypercar to roll off the assembly line.

Shaped very similar to the original CC8S, the CC850 is what Koenigsegg calls a continuation car. This similar shape is in keeping with what the founder calls the timeless design of the original car. The 50 in the CC850 signifies the fact that only 50 will be produced, and we’d be shocked if they didn’t sell out incredibly quickly because among other new features, this car has a one-of-a-kind manual transmission.

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Koenigsegg calls this gearbox TWMPAFMPC, or World’s Most Powerful and Fastest Hand-Made Car. Koenigsegg highlights how difficult it is to make a manual hypercar these days due to regulations and other factors. This is not a flapping oar situation, nor is it consistent leadership. Koenigsegg really pushed the idea that it behaves and feels just like a traditional stick shift. You can feel the engagement of the clutch disc in your foot as you interact with the pedal, and you can feel the gears in your hand as you operate the shifter.

This gearbox is the same as the Lightspeed gearbox found in other Koenigsegg cars, but adapted for use as a six-speed manual gearbox. However, the Lightspeed transmission has nine gears, so Koenigsegg has found a way to provide different gear ratios depending on the type of riding you do.

The innovation was called KESS, or Koenigsegg Engaged Shift System. The brand even says that you can stop it or do a burnout, just like a regular manual transmission. Interestingly, you can also just set everything to automatic. It looks like it might be the best iteration of this kind of technology we’ve ever heard of.

Mind you, the new hypercar isn’t just about the powertrain. Koenigsegg says the CC850 develops 1,385 horsepower (1,032 kW) and 1,021 lb-ft (1,385 Nm) of torque when on E85 fuel and that it weighs only 3,053 pounds (1,385 kg). Sure, it’s not as powerful as the Jesko, but that’s due to the smaller turbines, which Koenigsegg says results in zero turbo lag. We can’t wait to see how it accelerates and behaves on the track.

Koenigsegg is releasing a modern version of the CC8S called the CC850

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