Leeds United: How “easy target” Jesse Marsh can change Marcel Bielsa

Jesse Marsh replaces Marcel Bielsa at Leeds United (Photo: Getty)

If the dismissal of your predecessor forces fans to head to the training ground for the last, tearful, hugs, you know you need to fill big shoes.

This is the task signed by Jesse Marsh as the last manager of Leeds United. By replacing Marcello Bielsa, he not only replaces the manager, he adheres to icons, legends, beloved, revered figures.

Not since then Chelsea split with Jose Mourinho for the first time in 2007 or Tottenham moved from Mauricio Pachetina in 2019, the Premier League club willingly parted ways with such a popular, seemingly untouchable manager.

Gained by the wealth of Roman Abramovich, “Chelsea” continued to go well. On the other hand, “Spurs” is his third permanent manager since deciding that Poh was expendable.

From a purely football sense, Bielsa’s rejection seems justified. Leeds is in free fall, delivering goals at menacing speed and staring into the barrel of air combat on relegation, in which under Argentine leadership they looked ill-prepared to survive.

Bielsa’s achievement in leading Leeds out of the purgatory of the Championship in an exciting revival of the Premier League has been rightly noted. It’s also right to say how much he got from the humble team and how badly Leeds suffered from injuries. But that doesn’t mean Leeds was wrong to fire him.

He was replaced by a man with no Premier League experience and an American accent, always an easy target for skeptics.

Bielsa lost his job on Elland Road last week (Photo: Getty)

Probably any scholars who expressed reservations about the powers of the March were also among those who claimed that Belsa had been found and paid the price for his stubborn refusal to change his path.

But the Argentine, who himself did not pass the test on these shores when he came out on Elland Road, proved for three years that the traditionalists were wrong, and made the England national team of Calvin Phillips and Patrick Bamford. If the same Leeds hierarchy believes that Marsh can do something like this, then they deserve our trust in their opinion.

Leeds fans who go out on social media to post cherished photos of Bielsa posing with adult men, children and grandparents on various streets of West Yorkshire are definitely ready to try the American.

And the March, which was led by Leipzig, when the famous Julian Nagelsman left for Bavaria in Munich – just to be fired in just four months – is not afraid to follow such a popular figure.

“I think in almost every job I’ve had, I’ve followed the club’s legends,” the new man said at his opening this week.

“These are huge problems. But I think the main thing is if they see that the team is playing with passion, heart and show that they are also smart and clear with the game model and they are aggressive, then the fans will tolerate the coach even if they don’t like his accent or if he’s not as popular as the previous coach. ”

He is certainly right. For all the myths and legends of Belsa that Leeds fans still cherish, it was the football team he gave them that really mattered. If Marsh can produce goods on the field, it doesn’t matter where he came from, just where he can take Leeds next.

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Leeds United: How "easy target" Jesse Marsh can change Marcel Bielsa

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