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‘Life-Changing’: NC Hotline Assists Former Convicts with Jobs and Resources


Curtis Boykin describes his journey after spending a year behind bars as challenging.

“It was really hard trying to start my life again and find a job,” Boykin shared.

His stepfather suggested he contact a hotline run by the Raleigh-based nonprofit Recidivism Reduction Educational Program Services (RREPS).

“They told me what I needed to do, and I followed all of their leads. It turned out great because I finally found a job,” Boykin said.

After using the Recidivism Reduction Hotline, Curtis said he secured a position at a car detailing company within a week or two.

Kerwin Pittman, Executive Director of RREPS, can relate to Boykin’s story.

“Re-entry was really hard for me, and if this hotline had been available when I came home, it would have put me on the right track,” Pittman said.

Having served more than a decade in prison, Pittman was released on good behavior and has since dedicated his life to advocating for change through RREPS and its new hotline.

“We had to pull together a wide range of resources across North Carolina,” Pittman explained.

The hotline, available in all North Carolina counties, assists individuals with education, essential needs, healthcare, housing, legal aid, religious services, safety, security, and support systems.

“It is amazing to connect individuals coming home with the resources they need, such as a job, immediately. We know this can guide them to a trusted source and make a significant difference,” Pittman said.

After one month of operation, the hotline is now accessible on tablets in North Carolina prisons, providing thousands of incarcerated individuals with the resources to plan their re-entry into society and transform their lives, just like Curtis Boykin.

“This has totally changed my life. I get to wake up and look forward to something new,” Boykin said.

You can reach the hotline by calling 1-888-852-0004.