Like the demographics of people imprisoned in NC


GREENVILLE, NC ( – The United States has the highest prison rate in the world. Not only that, America also imprisons more people per capita than in any other independent democracy.

Even in progressive states with low prison rates compared to the rest of the United States more people are in prison than in most other places in the developed world. If individual states were considered countries, many of them would have the highest levels of imprisonment in the world, ahead of the real other countries.

The causes of the mass prison epidemic in the United States are multifaceted and complex. They are not driven by violent crime rateswhich are in fact less common in the United States than in many higher-ranking countries, including Russia and Turkey, which have authoritarian governments.

Instead, the high level of imprisonment in America boils down to reliance on police and prisons to address a range of social issues that could be addressed through other more rehabilitative social interventions.

In the 1980s, a number of politicians in the United States also pursued a policy of “hard against crime” to allay public fears of violent crime, and this policy has persisted since then, leading to extremely large numbers of prisoners nationwide and calling for criminal justice. . reforms. Many people who were in prison at the time remain behind bars today.

But not every state has the same level of imprisonment. For example, some states have decriminalized drugs such as marijuana to combat sending nonviolent criminals to jail.

It was found that marijuana possession is also secured with a racial bias, so the decriminalizing states worked to eliminate outrageous racial disparities in the criminal justice system.

Contributor collected statistics on the demographics of prisoners in North Carolina using data from Draft sentencing. All data from 2019, unless otherwise indicated.

North Carolina by numbers:

  • Total prisoners, prisons and jails: 51,562
  • Population in prisons: 33,042 people
  • Prison rate per 100,000: 313 (31st among all states)
  • Population in prisons (2013): 18,520 people
  • Prison imprisonment rate per 100,000 (2013): 240 (30th place among all states)
  • Population in private prisons: 30
  • Conditional population: 76,905 people
  • Population of parole: 14,212 people
  • Life sentences (2020): 3288
  • Life without parole (2020): 1576
  • Life of minors without parole (2020): 48
  • White prison rate per 100,000: 209 (highest number 36 among all states)
  • Black prison rate per 100,000: 810 (highest number 46 among all states)
  • Black and white ratio: 3.9
  • Hispanic prison rate per 100,000: 194 (36th highest among all states)
  • Hispanic and white ratio: 0.9
  • Adjustment costs: $ 1,561 million

Like the demographics of people imprisoned in NC

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