Major floods on Australia’s east coast claim 8 lives ::


– Parts of Australia’s third most populous city, Brisbane, were flooded on Monday after heavy rains led to record floods in some parts of the East Coast, killing eight people.

The floods in and around Brisbane are the largest since 2011, when a city of 2.6 million people was flooded by an event that happened once a century.

The latest victim was a 50-year-old man who drowned on Monday after driving his car into the floodplain in the Gold Coast town south of Brisbane before dawn, Queensland police said.

The bodies of the man and his dog were taken hours later from a flooded car that had been washed off the road, police said.

Queensland emergency services have warned that life-threatening flooding is taking place in some areas of the Gold Coast.

Emergency crews have made more than 130 emergency rescues on the water in 24 hours, officials said.

All eight people died in Queensland, the capital of which is Brisbane. The search for a 70-year-old lone sailor who fell overboard from his ship in the Brisbane River near the city center on Saturday continues.

Police were also looking for a missing man from Gooden, west of Brisbane, and another Esca, northwest of Brisbane.

South of the Queensland border police on Monday searched for the man after officers heard him call for help Sunday in the flood waters in the town of Lismore in New South Wales.

Police warned businesses in downtown Brisbane along the river embankment of the evacuation after a pontoon with a crane escaped from the berths upstream and began floating in flood waters to them.

Repeated warnings of emergency flooding were in effect in the suburbs of Brisbane, where 2,145 homes and 2,356 businesses were flooded on Monday. Another 10,827 facilities were partially flooded above the floorboards.

The Brisbane River peaked on Monday at 3.85 meters (12 feet, 3 inches), officials said.

That was 61 centimeters (2 feet) below the 4.46-meter (14-foot, 3-inch) flood level reached in 2011, officials said.

Queensland Prime Minister Anastasia Palashchuk said the rainfall over Brisbane had been extraordinary since November, when authorities were considering restricting water use due to water shortages.

“It’s still a significant event, and I think everyone will agree that no one has seen so much rain in such a short period of time,” Palashchuk said in the southeastern district.

The mayor of Brisbane, Lord Adrian Schriner, said the floods were “very different” from 2011 because the rain had been falling across the region for five days. In 2011, the rain stopped a few days before the Brisbane River peaked, and authorities warned for several days about flooding below.

Queensland Secretary of Transportation Mark Bailey said major roads had been cut. He said trains and ferries across Brisbane were stopped.

“We will have localized floods in many areas in a few days,” Bailey said.

Lismar was preparing for the biggest flood in history.

On Monday, after days of uninterrupted rain, Lismore’s center was flooded and 15,000 people were evacuated, officials said.

Major floods on Australia’s east coast claim 8 lives ::

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