Metal: Hellsinger Beginner’s Guide, 10 Tips for Killing to the Beat


Metal: Hellsinger is a chaotic FPS game that wants you to kill to the beat of the music. It’s a little tricky to get your head around at first, but once it clicks, you’ll be tearing through demons like it’s second nature. The game doesn’t take long to get through, but with Sigils, Torments, several unique weapons, and tons of in-game skills to master, there’s amazing depth to this popular new shooter.

If you need help navigating your way through hell and climbing the leaderboards, here are some tips and tricks for Metal: Hellsinger.

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Calibrate audio and video

Since Metal: Hellsinger This is a rhythm game, keeping the beat is paramount to your success. And if your audio and video are out of sync, you’re going to have a bad time. Take a few minutes at the start of your journey to calibrate these settings – you just need to press a button when the light flashes and you hear a certain sound. Calibration won’t take long and will make a big difference to your experience. If you ever think things are out of sync, you can always come back to it Parameters menu and recalibrate.

Adjust the viewing angle

The action in Hell is fast-paced, and the best way to protect yourself is to know the location of all your enemies. Increasing the field of view (FOV) will help with this task, so dive in Parameters menu and raise it as high as possible. If you’re not used to playing with a high angle of view, it might take you a minute to get used to the new perspective, but you’ll appreciate the extra peripheral vision.

Keep those bonuses

A glowing green crystal stuck in a cave wall in Metal: Hellsinger.

Various power-ups (such as health crystals and combo boosters) are scattered around each battlefield in Metal: Hellsinger. Finding them all should be one of your top priorities when entering a new location — but don’t activate them until you need to. For example, only run the combo booster when you’re about to go to a lower combo level and there are plenty of enemies to help you score big. Health crystals are best used in the latter stages of a fight, as the last wave of enemies is often the most difficult.

Use Paz to keep your combo going

The player holding Paz in Metal: Hellsinger.

You’ve destroyed everything in your immediate vicinity and run to the next location. Unfortunately, your combo stat will start to drop until you start killing demons again. However, there is a loophole that solves this problem, and its name is Paz. Pas is a cute skull that you acquire at the beginning Metal: Hellsinger. It won’t do much damage in combat, but firing in time will keep your current combo going. This means that once you’ve finished the battle and passed through an enemy-free area, you’ll want to equip the Paz and start shooting in rhythm. Get it right and you’ll be able to carry the combo throughout the level.

Don’t forget to jump!

Metal: The Hellsinger player jumps into the air and looks at enemies.

It’s hard to focus on anything else to stay on top of things and destroy demons, but don’t forget that your main character is pretty nimble. Not only can they double jump, but they can also perform a series of mid-air dashes that allow them to easily cover the ground in a matter of seconds. Taking to the air and dodging will also help you avoid some pesky projectiles. And if you find yourself on the verge of being overwhelmed by a horde of enemies, jumping and dodging is an easy way to reposition yourself and find safety.

Reboot like a pro

The player reloads his weapon in Metal: Hellsinger.

When it’s time to reload your weapon, pay attention to the beat of the music. You will usually see a prompt on the screen warning you that a “Reboot is imminent” and that is your cue to keep an eye on the rhythm indicator and look for the golden rhythm marker. Press X (on Xbox Series X) if it hits the crosshairs, you’ll perform a quick reload, allowing you to return to action almost immediately.

Save your Ultimates

Gameplay Metal Hellsinger shooting demons.

Every weapon in your inventory can perform a deadly max attack. They build up slowly by killing enemies, and it’s worth holding on to these skills until you need them. Your Ultimate gauge can take a long time to fill, and there’s nothing worse than wasting it on a few easy enemies. Instead, try to fill them all and prepare for the final boss or a large wave of enemies.

Execute enemies to restore health

Health crystals are easy a way to restore your health, but performing executions on enemies is perhaps the best the best way to restore your health. If the enemy is reeling and close to death, you can perform the execution by aiming at them and pressing the execute button (R3 on consoles). Not only will you eliminate the demon, but you’ll also replenish a good chunk of health. As an added bonus, Metal: Hellsinger allows you to execute enemies dozens of yards away, making execution an easy way to cross the battlefield or get out of a jam.

Be smart in eliminating enemies

Unknown shooting pistols at a demon in Metal: Hellsinger.

Some enemies are more troublesome than others. Some carry shields and will block your attacks, others shoot projectiles that can deplete your health bar. Your best bet for survival is to focus your attacks on your most powerful enemies first (such as behemoths or other high-damage enemies) and only focus on other targets if they enter your personal space. Be careful of those who attack from afar, though careful positioning usually makes it easy to avoid them.

Solve some suffering

When you find the world Metal: Hellsinger became too difficult, don’t forget to go back to previous levels and try some suffering. These are smaller missions that reward you with sigils upon completion. Sigils, in turn, give you many powerful benefits, such as increasing the number of hits you can take before a streak reset, or speeding up the rate at which Ultimates stack. And despite the name, Torments is a fun distraction from your main task.

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Metal: Hellsinger Beginner’s Guide, 10 Tips for Killing to the Beat

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