Nakamba to the girls’ bankroll tournament


Warriors midfielder Marvelous Nakamba is set to fund a girls soccer tournament slated for November.

Through his Marvelous Nakamba Foundation (MNF), the Aston Villa midfielder will sponsor the tournament as he did with the U-17 invitational tournament held in Bulawayo in June.

“The Zimbabwe Women’s Football League has selected and announced the participating teams, which will be announced in due course through the foundation’s social media platforms along with the dates and venue of the tournament,” the foundation said in a statement.

“The Foundation is excited about this new addition to its programs, which will accelerate the rapid growth of women’s soccer and help nurture talented girls who aspire to become great soccer stars in the near future.”

The Nakambo Foundation was established in 2019 for the midfielder to benefit society through sports and education.

To date, the fund has paid for the education of 1,500 students across the country.

He is also in the process of holding the Marvelous Nakamba Sports Complex in Bulawayo.

Nakamba to the girls’ bankroll tournament

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