Nate Oats is making adjustments to the list for next season


Fans of basketball in Alabama have been speculating for weeks as Nate Ows will drive the transition to the roster later this season. Some of these assumptions were explained by Oatmeal.

It was reported on Thursday that Javon Quinerley, James Rojas and Keon Ellis will be honored at the Day of the Elderly this Saturday in Tuscaloosa. This news marked the trio’s release and came as no surprise to most Crimson Tide fans. Quinerley was a member of the 2018 recruiting class and at 23 is the oldest Crimson Tide Fellow. A recent NBA layout has been published has Quinerli as a choice in the middle of the second round.

Draft experts are concerned that Quinerley is smaller than most successful NBA guards. Its speed and speed provide something like an equalizer. It seems Quinerley will gain nothing from the next college season.

Keon Ellis also projected as a choice in the second round. Many basketball fans in Alabama believe it is the best all-around Crimson Tide. He’s a solid defender who can score from the outside and should have a good chance of getting on the NBA roster.

With an extra season offered by the NCAA because of COVID, all three guys could play another season in college. It will be interesting to see if James Rojas tries to do this with a program that gives him more playing time.

Following the decisions of the three players, Crimson Tide has nine fellows eligible to return, as well as five signed new players for next season. Also, Nate Oats is still gaining at least another 5-star prospect for next season.

There are a few questions that can be left unanswered for months. Will Jaden Sheckelford be available in the NBA Draft? Deadlines and deadlines for decision-making last until the summer. Sheckelford has been selected in several checkers, so another season of college basketball could benefit him.

Many NBA draft experts are concerned about JD Davison’s high second-round pick. Keep in mind that NBA teams often draft based on player potential rather than performance.

This week it also became known that Noah Gurley is planning to return next season. That leaves four other, current players who may not be with Crimson Tide next season. These are Alex Chikov, Keon Ambrose-Hilton, Juvan Gary and Darius Miles.

The good news about next season’s transition: Alabama basketball could put out its most talented lineup in years – perhaps the best of all years.

Nate Oats is making adjustments to the list for next season

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