NC House is handing out new state voting cards

RELY, NC – According to a court ruling to make their redistribution lines fairer, North Carolina Republican lawmakers on Wednesday unveiled new maps that appear to improve the Democratic Party’s chances of winning seats in Congress and possibly gaining a majority in the General Assembly. a very strong year for the party. .

The new plans must be voted on and approved in one form or another by the Friday deadline set by the state Supreme Court, which recently overturned congressional and legislative orders passed in November. The Republican-controlled General Assembly is likely to implement these new plans by Thursday, which will be used in this year’s election.

A small majority of judges ruled along party lines that the former district boundaries violated the state constitution as illegal guerrillas. Voters and advocacy groups that successfully sued to undo the line said they would secure a Republican victory in 10 of the 14 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives in the fall election and most Republican legislatures in almost every political environment. despite the fact that state elections are usually held close. divided.

The lines, which were annulled, did not allow an equally large bloc of voters – namely the Democrats – to have a fair opportunity to increase their political influence, violating the state constitution on free elections and equal protection, among others, the judges ruled.

“The Supreme Court has ruled that our cards should give voters of all political parties essentially equal opportunities to translate votes around the world,” said Destiny Hall of Caldwell County House Transformation Committee chairman, describing the new map for 120 states. Home areas. “And that’s exactly what the map in front of you is doing today.”

According to an analysis of a dozen election results in 2016 and 2020 across the state, according to lawmakers, a map of the county seat in Congress released earlier Wednesday by Senate Republicans would help Republicans win seven of the 14 seats and Democrats five.

The two unmanned counties – one in the south-central Sandhills region and the other, which includes part from Charlotte west to the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains – seem very competitive.

By the end of Wednesday, however, senators had overturned the plan, saying more work needed to be done to ensure it met the statistical thresholds of fairness that judges had identified as potential standards. Sen. Warren Daniel of Burke County, co-chair of the Senate District Redistribution Commission, said it could lead to the creation of additional counties that are considered competitive.

Republicans currently hold eight of the 13 seats in the state House of Representatives. North Carolina ranks 14th according to population growth according to the 2020 census.

The plans of the House of Representatives and the State Senate, published by Republicans in their respective houses, will continue to help the Republican Party get the majority of votes they have held since 2011. But analyzing election results in card swaps will make it difficult for Republicans to earn a veto-proof majority – 72 seats in the House of Representatives and 30 in the 50-seat Senate.

The full House of Representatives replaced the county boundaries for its House with 115 votes to 5 on Wednesday night, after members voted in favor of several consensus amendments adjusting lines in several constituencies.

“The map of the houses we agreed on is in line with the court’s ruling on party justice,” minority leader Robert Raves of Chatham County said in a press release before the amended plan was approved 115-5. The plan is yet to pass to the Senate, a formality is expected.

“I am proud of today’s two-party vote and that we have adopted the House of Representatives map for North Carolina,” said House Speaker Tim Moore of Cleveland. “In addition, I am confident that the chamber has adopted a card that complies with court instructions and will be upheld in court.”

Such a bipartisan agreement on Senate constituencies has not been reached. Senate leader Phil Berger and minority leader Dan Blue have met several times over the past week but have failed to reach a consensus, Berger said.

Blue said after a Senate re-election committee meeting that the Republican Party’s plan did not take into account the Supreme Court’s decision – Democrats should have as good a chance as Republicans of winning a majority if their candidates eventually get more votes.

“He’s still a guerrilla warlord,” Blue told reporters. “Whether the Herrimander was repaired will be decided by the court.”

Substitutions for the cards must be submitted by late Friday to the panel of the court of first instance, which will have until February 23 to decide whether the plans meet the standards of the Supreme Court. If the cards do not meet these standards, the court will draw new lines.

A panel of three judges late Wednesday named former Supreme Court justices Bob Edmunds and Bob Oro and former North Carolina University system president Tom Ross as special masters appointed to assist judges.

It is assumed that the districts should be ready to resume the February 24 submission of candidates for the May 17 primaries.

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NC House is handing out new state voting cards

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