New Lexus LX 2022 sold out in 4 years in Japan, more than a year waiting list NX


We already knew that the new 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 series is in extremely high demand in Japan after the automaker recently informed customers that delivery expectations have dragged on. stretched from two to a whopping four yearsand now he’s doing the same for his more luxurious cousin, the 2022 Lexus LX.

On Friday, Toyota informed its Japanese customers that they will also have to wait four years to get their hands on a full-size Lexus LX SUV of a new generation, in a report indicating the delivery dates of a number of models for its domestic market. The report takes into account production delays across the industry compared to the demand for each car.

“If you buy from now on, the delivery of the car may take about 4 years,” – told Lexus customers on its website. “We will consider efforts to minimize delivery time for our customers, and we appreciate your understanding.” However, the company also noted that this is a “forecast for February 18”, adding that “may change depending on the production situation in the future.”

What about North America?

It is unlikely that the long waiting list in Japan will affect the North American market, but we turned to Lexus for comment and we will update this story as soon as they return to us.

The new LX, which sold out in four years, is certainly something, but we can at least start to understand it a bit, given how desirable the car is. However, it’s a little harder to figure out that according to the same release, new Lexus NX has a waiting list of over a year. A long waiting list for a more luxurious version of one of the most capable SUVs on the market? We understand. For an ordinary family SUV? It’s a little unusual.

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As for other Lexus SUVs, then always popular RX has a waiting time of 5 months for the regular RX300, 4 months for the RX450h hybrid and 3 months for the RX450hL with extended wheelbase. The compact UX has a 4-month standby time for the all-electric UX300e, but information on the UX200 and UX250h is not provided.

As for their cars, information is provided only for the LS sedan and the CT hatchback. The first has a 5 month standby time for the LS500 and LS500h, while the second has a 3 month standby time for the CT200h. The report has no information about the waiting time for IS, ES, RC or LC. As with the gas-powered UX variants, the document simply states that you need to contact your dealer.

New Lexus LX 2022 sold out in 4 years in Japan, more than a year waiting list NX

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