NFL Combine begins NFL search for Tide players


Eleven former Alabama players will take part in the 2022 NFL Draft this week. Field classes only start on Thursday when QB, RB and WR do bench press and start their classes on the field.

The event will last until Sunday, March 6, with the last position group, which is estimated, will be defenders.

Predicting the final results of the draft for 11 players is a fascinating activity. Hundreds of icons have probably already been published. The pace of their production will accelerate after the plant. The actual three-day 2022 NFL Draft will begin on Thursday, April 28, and end on Saturday, April 30.

It is not uncommon for several players to visit the plant but do not conduct strength tests or training in the field. One such player this year is Evan Neal. Neil and others will wait for the Professionals Day of their college team before showcasing their physical skills.

How many former Alabama footballers will be drafted in late April? If Chris Owens is the choice of the late round, there may be 12. At the moment, what will happen to Owens and the four members of the Tidal Combine, Slade Bolden, Jayline Armor-Davis, Chris Allen and Labrian Ray, can only be guessed. Bolden may be drafted on day 2, but will likely move on to day 3. Check it out a good NFL team fits for Bolden.

Allen and Ray would have been castles for the second day had it not been for their college careers marred by frequent injuries. Because of the Tide players ahead and injuries at Armor Davis there is only a brief summary of the game. JAD is a player who in Alabama Pro Day football and later NFL team training can provide a better opportunity to climb the NFL Draft.

This leaves seven Alabama Crimson Tide players, all with a chance to get into the top three rounds.

Alabama’s best players at the plant

Evan Neal – Attack

Many NFL Draft experts are confident that Neil will be the first choice overall when going to Jacksonville. If he goes below that, it will be close. The least optimistic forecast for Neil is that he is one of the top three strikers.

Jameson Williams – Wide Receiver

Recovering from injury is a matter for Williams, but the buzz is that the teams don’t mind choosing him. Jameson Williams Definitely one of the top five wide receivers in the draft and is the best guy to have the speed that every NFL team wants.

Christian Harris is a line defender

Blessed with physical skills that ensure versatility, Harris is probably among the top five defenders in the draft. Some project experts believe it may be selected in the first round.

Fidarian Mathis is the lineman of defense

Mathis made a wise decision by returning to Crimson Tide for the 2021 season. He greatly improved his stockpile on the NFL Draft. He has a good chance to reach the second round.

Brian Robinson Jr. – Running Back

Even if B-Rob doesn’t get drafted in the first three rounds, his chances of getting on the NFL list are high. His mental and physical strength will make him well suited for a team that needs help running.

John Swords III – Wide Receiver

The match should also convince the team that he will fully recover from the injury. For teams in need of receiver possession, Matches will be a solid choice in the second or third rounds. His Crimson Tide Statistics show that he is an impressive player.

Josh Job – angular

Josh Job has all the physical tools needed to become a NFL rookie. He has to convince teams that sometimes pushes too hard, and penalties that resulted as a Crimson Tide player will not be lost in the NFL.

Nick Saban often talks about players who create value for themselves. The NFL draft is one measure of value.

NFL Combine begins NFL search for Tide players

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