Polestar 1 is sold for a street art work owned by an anonymous collector in Sweden


Last year Polestar announced it will trade one of the latest Polestar 1 for a work of art, causing a stir among artists who were interested in the Grand Tourer plug-in hybrid. The Swedish automaker seems to have kept its promise and exchanged the example of the now discontinued limited production model for a work of street art.

Since the official announcement of the Art for Art initiative, Polestar has received more than 500 applications from artists and art collectors from around the world, ranging from paintings, sculptures, engravings, photographs and installations. A careful evaluation of the proposals with the help of private art consultant Theodore Dalenson and Sotheby’s auction house led to the first deal, which was completed in March 2022.

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The new owner of Polestar 1 in Osmium with black circles – an anonymous collector of street art in Sweden. Although the company did not show a work of art, it is described as original street art. Probably, the piece had an equal (or similar) price with Polestar 1, which cost about $ 155,000.

A street art collector and new owner of Polestar 1 said: “I traded street art for street art. A special feeling – to have something done in limited quantities, but I will definitely drive a car. If I kept it only as a collector’s item, it would be more practical to store the work – it is also easier to store.

Commenting on the unusual trade, art advisor Theodore Dalenson said: “Historically, artists have always changed their art for another art, service or commodity. Why not a car? There are similar forces in the automotive industry and the art market. For example, if the car is considered interesting among collectors and at the same time is issued only in limited quantity then it becomes even more attractive. The same philosophy applies in the art market.

Polestar 1, first introduced in 2017, was the first serial model of the automaker. Production was limited to 1,500 units recent examples left the assembly line last year. The two-door model was equipped with a hybrid transmission that produced a total capacity of 609 liters. After the disappearance of the Grand Tourer Polestar became an all-electric brand that needs to expand its range. many new models in the coming years.

Polestar 1 is sold for a street art work owned by an anonymous collector in Sweden

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