Potential Andretti F1 team will use Renault power units, sign Colt Gert as first driver


Last week we reported that Michael Andretti had applied Formula 1 a record in 2024 called the Andretti Global team. As part of this story, it was mentioned that he already had a trained engine supplier. Now, after some new announcements, we not only know who this manufacturer is, but also who will be the first team driver when the application is accepted.

In an interview with Michael Mario’s father during the IndyCar race this weekend in St. Petersburg, Florida, it was confirmed that Renault will supply a potential Andretti Global team with its powertrains. “We now have a formal agreement on the engine supplier, and it will be Renault, and I can say that now,” Andretti told interviewer David Land.

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At one point Renault was supplying two other teams in the network, a number equal to Mercedes and Ferrari at the time. However, after the loss of Red Bull from Honda in 2019 and McLaren to Mercedes in 2020, the team currently has no customers, only uses its powertrains for its own car Alpine.

Having another team that uses their engine can be very valuable to them, because in addition to the obvious financial benefits, they can also use this team as another source of research and development, and as an easy way for drivers in the lower formulas to make their way. in F1. We already see something similar on the current network with Mercedes and Williams, Red Bull and AlphaTauri, and Ferrari and Haas / Alfa Romeo.

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Something else from last week’s news that was confirmed in an interview is the team’s headquarters in the UK. “We know where the facility will be built in the UK. We know that we have people, celebrities who have been involved in such work as far as startups are concerned. We have planned a lot, ”Andretti said.

The headquarters in Indianapolis will serve as a base for all the various Andretti motorsport teams, and the facility in the UK – for the engineering staff. And while this has not been confirmed, we suspect it will also be a way to make it more convenient for global logistics feats and Team F1 performs during the season.

And last but not least, Colton Hertha, the current Andretti IndyCar driver who is expected to be the leader in the F1 team, will be officially signed with Andretti Global if their application is accepted.

All in all, they have a driver, an engine supplier and an engineering base, and all the means seem to be there, which means that Andretti’s master plan for F1 looks feasible.

Potential Andretti F1 team will use Renault power units, sign Colt Gert as first driver

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