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Proposed Guilford County Budget Includes Increase in Animal Adoption Fees


While it’s not uncommon for litters of kittens to be brought to the Guilford County Animal Resource Center, the shelter has reached capacity several times this year. This means potential pet owners like Abigal Syr could face obstacles when trying to adopt a pet.

“I don’t think that’s fair at all … It shouldn’t be so expensive when you’re just trying to provide a loving home for an animal,” Syr commented.

Syr plans to adopt a dog named Highway, whom she found on Interstate 85 after he was hit by a vehicle on Tuesday.

“I have a small dog at home who really needs a friend,” Syr added.

Once Highway is healed, it will cost Syr around $50 to adopt him.

According to Guilford County’s 2024-2025 budget proposal from County Manager Mike Halford, the adoption fees could increase next year.

Halford proposed these adjustments to the Guilford County Board of Commissioners last week. Under the proposal, adopting older and younger dogs would cost an additional $25. However, the fees for adopting young cats would increase by $50, and for senior cats, by $40.

Guilford County Communications Manager Eddi Blanco explained that the reason for the fee hike is to bring Guilford County’s adoption fees more in line with neighboring counties like Forsyth County, where adoption fees are uniform at $75.

While the increase in adoption fees is still a proposal, pet owners like Angela Rodriguez are concerned that it could reduce the chances of animals being adopted.

A spokesperson for the Guilford County Board of Commissioners stated that they will hold a work session next Monday to discuss the budget and aim to adopt it at their scheduled board meeting on June 20.