Prototypes Porsche Panamera and Turbo 2024 play at the Nurburgring


The Porsche Panamera 2024 The development team was spotted as the updated sedan runs at the German Nurburgring.

Make sedans in the plural because our spy photographers shot two different options Panamera 2024 release knocking the famous 13-mile forest trail. Both cars seem to have the same 10-spoke, but different bumpers, spoilers and exhaust pipes make it easy to determine who is the best, even without benefiting about lap time.

The front bumper of the first car has three evenly spaced water intakes on the outer edges, rectangular exhaust pipes and a spoiler that rises directly from the base of the boot lid under the rear window. But four separate rear exhaust pipes (or, to be exact, trim) in the second car, and a special rear spoiler that rises from the boot lid and then comes out, suggesting it’s a faster car out of the pair, possibly Turbo or Turbo S.

Neither machine wears yellow hybrid stickers, which are needed to demonstrate prototypes with electric assistance, so both should be conventional gas cars. This means that both are likely to work in the evolution of the turbocharged V6 and V8 powerplants presented in modern Panameras.

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There is some debate about how new the 2024 Panamera is. We suspect this is an update to the current car, not a brand new one, but recent photos of the interior of the test car show that inside it will feel fresh enough. The dashboard and sedan console are borrowed from the electric Taycan, giving the Panamera a fully digital dashboard, updated infotainment systema passenger screen and a small selector toggle switch mounted high on the dashboard.

However, we don’t expect the Panamera to borrow from Taycan – it’s an all-electric transmission because it will make the two cars too similar. But Porsche is likely to extend the PHEV’s driving range electrically with its non-standard 35-mile (56km) options to match the 70-mile (113km) offered by recent luxury competitors such as the new Range Rover, Mercedes S-Class, and recently announced BMW 7 Series 2023.

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Image Credits: CarPix for CarScoops

Prototypes Porsche Panamera and Turbo 2024 play at the Nurburgring

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