QOTD: What is the most pointless feature in modern cars?


Technology is improving faster than many of us can keep up, and that includes technology in the cars, trucks, and SUVs we all drive. Much of this technology is what we love and when we asked you what you want most, the answers showed how many features you all appreciate. However, today we ask what feature is so funny and pointless that you don’t understand why it exists.

Unlike QOTD on what feature you wanted in each individual car, in this one you need to select one feature and explain why it is the most pointless of the existing ones. Also, before we all agree that BMW again doesn’t need turn signals, let’s remove that from the table. We think of things that could theoretically seem cool, but ultimately don’t make sense.

For example, how many of you, BMW drivers, use this function of controlling infotainment hand gestures, pretending that you are trying (and usually failing) to trick the Jedi into your car to increase or decrease the volume? Come to think of it, many modern luxury cars offer things like headliner Starlight which can be added to your new Rolls Royce.

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What about the volume sliders where the control knobs will be much faster and clearer? We personally love a car that has dual clutches and great shift switches. But does the same oars in a car with a variator make sense?

One thing that always made me laugh at all the stupid BMWs I owned for years, including the E32 750il, was the cold weather warning that popped up on the dashboard. Yes, BMW, I am very, very aware that it is cold, I just came out of this cold weather and entered you. Thanks, I think though…

Maybe we should think outside the box, or in this case a car. How about fake vents, Spoilers on the trunk of front-wheel drive cars, or dual exhausts that actually come out of the same muffler, can all qualify here. So you tell us … what is the most pointless feature offered in modern cars?

QOTD: What is the most pointless feature in modern cars?

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