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Quick Fixes to Get YouTube Working Again

When it comes to the list of the most popular streaming platforms, the name of YouTube stands at the top, surpassing even Twitch. The platform owes its success to numerous factors and reasons. First and foremost, YouTube has billions of active users, including creators and watchers. This is why the platform hosts millions of videos from all genres. Besides this, the platform is also home to many music tracks and podcasts. Due to this, as per Musically, it is deemed the most famous music streaming service in the world. It fares way ahead of other music-streaming giants like Spotify and Amazon Music, which is a huge accomplishment. Last but not least, the platform offers features using which aspiring video creators can upload different forms of videos. Moreover, the platform also offers the facility to stream videos, which is why the platform is home to millions of streamers.

The platform can be accessed by individuals using any web-enabled device. For instance, Mac and PC users can access the web-based version of the platform using web browsers. Besides this, YouTube offers dedicated applications for major mobile operating systems, including both the major ones, namely Android and iOS.

However, there are instances when mobile apps exhibit issues. Thankfully, there are numerous ways following which users can fix them.

For instance, if Android users face any trouble while using YouTube, they can fix the issue quickly by restarting their phone, updating the app, etc. Similarly, there are numerous methods following which iOS or iPhone users can fix YouTube app issues. For example, they can check whether the server is down and wait for it to turn back on or resolve the issue by uninstalling or reinstalling their YouTube app again. If you are an iOS user and wish to know more about how you can resolve app-related issues, click https://setapp.com/how-to/youtube-not-working-on-iphone.

Besides app-related issues, there are instances when users face issues when using the web-based version of YouTube. When this happens, it prevents users from consuming content without interruptions and deteriorates their experience. However, there are numerous fixes users can implement to resolve issues. This article will highlight quick fixes following which users can get YouTube working again. Let us get started:

  • Restart Your Device

There are instances when an internal or background process prevents or limits specific web-based platforms like YouTube from functioning normally. Due to the interference, YouTube starts acting up and, as a result, prevents users from watching or uploading content. One of the most simple and effective fixes to follow when YouTube is not working on your device is to restart it. If you are facing a similar issue on your device and wish to resolve it within a few minutes, restart your device and try opening the YouTube website again. Chances are that doing so will resolve the issue and allow you to use YouTube again without hassle.

  • Download and Install New Driver Updates

While using YouTube on their Mac or Windows, many users have reported the green screen issue, i.e., their screen turns wholly green and prevents them from watching videos. This issue mainly arises when the graphics driver installed on the device has not been updated for some time. Hence, if you wish to resolve the issue, one of the best ways is to update your Mac or Windows PC’s graphics driver. To update the graphics driver on your Windows, all you need to do is open Settings, navigate to the “Display Adapters” section, and search for new display drivers. On the other hand, if you are a macOS user, you must install the latest macOS update on your Mac to get the job done since the OS update contains updates for other components and functionalities. To install the latest macOS update on your Mac, open the “Software Update” section by navigating to the Apple menu and install the latest one available.

  • Delete Unused Extensions

Extensions are handy tools for browsers that facilitate users to get more work done using their browsers. Most browsers, including Google Chrome, support numerous extensions. However, there are instances when extensions prevent users from accessing certain websites like YouTube. Hence, if you are facing YouTube-related issues, it would be best to delete the browser extensions you no longer use or require. Doing so will resolve the issue, and you will be able to use YouTube and all its features and functionalities without hassle. To uninstall or delete extensions, open the Settings section of your browser, navigate to the Extensions section and delete all the extensions you do not use or recognize. The main culprits are often the extensions you do not remember installing on your browser since they are often malicious files.

If you are an ardent YouTube user and wish to resolve any issue related to the web-based version of the platform or the app, refer to the efficient fixes mentioned above.

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