Raleigh Starbucks workers plan to vote unions following the trend



This is the Starbucks logo on a sign near the center of Pittsburgh Starbucks, Wednesday, January 12, 2022.


Starbucks national workers ’unions arrived in the Triangle this week when Raleigh Starbucks employees filed petitions requesting union representation.

Workers at Midtown East Starbucks, at 2901 Sherman Oak Place of Wake Forest Road, have submitted to the National Labor Council papers about their plans to form a union through Workers United, a subsidiary of the International Union of Officials.

The rise in interest in Starbucks unions began late last year in Buffalo, New York, when workers voted to create the company’s first union. These efforts marked the beginning of a wave of organization at Starbucks across the country.

“I want to be treated like a human being”

According to a SIEU press release, Raleigh Starbucks is 87th in an attempt to organize its employees.

“I join the union because I want to be treated like a human, not a robot,” said Sharon Gilman, a Starbucks Rally worker. “I want my health and well-being to stand in front of the store, and I want my fellow partners to have a positive work environment where we all feel we appreciate our hard work.”

Alyssa Watkins worked at Starbucks for four years, moving to Midtown East in August after moving from Arizona. She said Starbucks workers had been considering a union for years, but only recently had those thoughts gained momentum.

“I think in almost every store I’ve been to, union membership has been a hot topic,” Watkins said in a phone interview. “After brave partners in Buffalo, workers across the country realized that it is possible that we could have a better future with Starbucks if we had a real partnership.”

Watkins said the impact of the pandemic exacerbated the harsh working conditions in the cafes where she worked, leading to staff shortages, high customer demand and low wages.

“We don’t think we need unions”

A Starbucks spokesman said the company does not believe unions are needed for its employees, but it will respect voices in some places.

“We will listen to partners in this story, as always across the country,” spokeswoman Sarah Albanezi said in a telephone interview. “We believe we are better off together through a direct relationship, with no third party between us. … We don’t think Starbucks unions are needed. We know that the problems that may arise in stores are best solved by the company together with partners.

Of the Starbucks that filed the union petition, only three in the Buffalo area voted, two voted in favor and one voted against the union. Albanese said collective talks had begun at one of the Buffalo points.

“We respect the right of our partners to organize and encourage them to conduct research and receive all the information they need to make informed decisions,” Albanesi said. “If we have a vote, we will respect that result.”

Watkins said Role Workers began organizing two weeks ago. Of Midtown East Starbucks ’24 employees, seven workers signed their last names under the petition, and Watkins believes a total of 20 will support the union in the final vote.

«[Unionizing] it’s the only way for partners to get the compensation they deserve, ”Watkins said, using the term“ partners ”at Starbucks for employees. “All partners get at least $ 15 an hour, but it’s not exactly the subsistence level in cities across the country. It’s a way to ask Starbucks for more. “

Drew Jackson writes about restaurants and eateries for The News & Observer and The Herald-Sun, covering the culinary scene in Triangle and North Carolina.

Raleigh Starbucks workers plan to vote unions following the trend

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