Red Hat stops working in Russia, helps evacuate Ukrainian employees


Rally – Red hat on Tuesday joined a growing list of companies – including his corporate mother IBM – in the cessation of all business operations in Russia and its ally Belarus after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The technology giant from Raleigh is also stepping up efforts to help employees and allies in Ukraine.

Paul Cormier, Red Hat’s chief executive, told Red Hat employees about the decisions the company made via email and blogging on Tuesday.

“While many of our actions need to be guided by appropriate sanctions, we as a company have taken additional action.” wrote Cormier. “Effective immediately, Red Hat suspends sales and services in Russia and Belarus (for both organizations located in Russia or Belarus or headquartered in Russia or Belarus). This includes ending partnerships with organizations located in Russia or Belarus or with headquarters in Russia or Belarus. “

IBM Chairman and CEO Arvind Krishan announced the suspension of Big Blue’s business in Russia on Monday.

IBM suspends “all business” in Russia, joins the growth of the outflow of companies

The two firms are joining other technology giants such as Microsoft, Google and Apple, as well as SAS-based Cary, which previously announced the cessation of Russian business.

“I heard from many of you in response to last week’s announcement regarding the war in Ukraine, and I appreciate your feedback,” he said in a statement on Monday, according to the ANI news service. “First, I will say clearly – we have suspended all business in Russia. In addition, I want to give you information about some of the efforts being made to support our colleagues in the region. ”

Last week, Krishna said IBM was taking steps to support its employees in Ukraine.

“Excellent” stories of support

In his blog, Cormier stressed the company’s efforts to help in Ukraine.

“As a campaign, we stand in unity with all those affected by the violence and condemn the Russian military invasion of Ukraine,” he said.

“The safety, security and well-being of our allies remain our top priority. The cross-functional team we set up a few weeks ago has been in direct contact with every Little Red Riding Hood in Ukraine and Russia and will continue to ensure that they have the support and resources they need.

“We have helped red hats in Ukraine and their families (including spouses, children and family members) move safely to neighboring countries and continue to help those who remain in the country in any way possible. In the last few days alone, buses organized by Red Hat have safely transported several dozen members of the families of our Ukrainian allies across the border to Poland. We also support our allies in Russia. And for any Red Hatter who needs them, no matter where you are, we have additional welfare resources. ”

Kromie also praised the efforts of the Red Hats around the world to provide assistance.

“I heard wonderful anecdotes about these actions, including an ally in Poland who traveled for several hours in each direction to pick up the wife and child of an ally on the border with Ukraine, and opened their own home,” he wrote.

“This spirit of unity and care for each other doesn’t surprise me – I’ve seen it at Red Hat many times. That’s what makes Red Hatters so special and what I’m proud of every day. ”

SAS reaction

The SAS spokesman noted that the Cary-based software company, which operates worldwide, “continues to monitor the tragic events unfolding in Ukraine and their impact on our employees and our customers. SAS has suspended all business operations in Russia. ”

SAS has confirmed that it has 183 employees in Russia (as well as 200 contractors). At the moment, it has been confirmed that they are all safe. “

The company has no employees in Ukraine, the spokesman added.

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Red Hat stops working in Russia, helps evacuate Ukrainian employees

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