Renesas and AVL announce cooperation in the automotive industry


Renesas Electronics Corporation, a leading company in the development, modeling and testing of the automotive sector, today announced a partnership to support customers in the development of electronic control units (ECUs) that meet the international standard ISO 26262 for functional safety of vehicles. As part of this collaboration, AVL will provide comprehensive support for the development of sophisticated and specialized functional safety systems for Renesas automotive customers.

Effective development of sophisticated advanced ADAS / Automated Control (AD) systems that meet functional safety standards has become a challenge. Renesas provides automotive R-Car on-chip (SoC), automotive control (MCU), RH850 microcontrollers, power management (PMIC) and software solutions that support levels from ASIL B to ASIL D according to ISO26262. However, to meet functional safety standards, the entire ECU system must meet the requirements, not just semiconductor devices. Therefore, even when using R-Car and RH850 that meet the requirements of functional safety, the development of ECU in accordance with ISO 26262 requires in-depth system experience. AVL has proven experience supporting the development of ECU compliant ISO 26262 in terms of hardware and software. Thanks to this collaboration, Renesas customers can use sophisticated security solutions for Renesas components and benefit from AVL’s expert support for functional security, which reduces the development time of an ISO 26262-compliant ECU.

“We are delighted to be able to offer Renesas customers an advanced experience and extensive AVL functional security experience,” said Naoki Yoshida, vice president of marketing for Renesas’ digital car products. “This collaboration will enable all our customers around the world to quickly develop ISO 26262 compliant ECUs using highly reliable Renesas products.”

“With the spread of ADAS / AD, the number of ECUs required to maintain functional security will only increase,” said Dirk Geyer, director of functional security and cybersecurity at AVL. «AVL can provide support for both hardware and software at various security levels, including advanced support such as customized FMEDA and product-specific failure rate analysis. We look forward to providing comprehensive global support to Renesas customers. ”

Renesas and AVL announce cooperation in the automotive industry

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