Rich Products has named a new chairman


BUFFALO, NEW YORK. — Melinda R. Rich has been named chairman of Rich Holdings Inc. She succeeded her husband, Robert E. Rich, Jr., who was named senior chairman.

Ms. Rich has been with Rich’s since 1985 and has held various leadership team positions, most recently as Vice Chairman. She also served as executive vice president of innovation and chaired the board’s finance and audit, compensation and organizational committees, was executive vice chairman of Rich Entertainment Group, and is a member of M&T Bank Corp.’s corporate board of directors and compensation and human capital committee. Prior to joining Rich’s, she worked at Westwood Pharmaceuticals and Levy, King and White Companies, Inc.

She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Cleveland Clinic, the Board of Trustees of Cleveland Rock & Roll, Inc. / Museum of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and an advisor to the advisory board of BDT Capital Partners LLC.

“This decision comes after years of very thoughtful and careful planning,” Ms Rich said. “Intentional succession planning is a critical part of developing strong leadership, especially in a family-owned company like ours. We expect and demand that our senior leaders actively participate in this kind of thinking, and we meet the same expectations as the leaders of Rich Products and our family of businesses.”

Ms. Rich received her bachelor’s degree in psychology and business from the University of Colorado.

Rich Products has named a new chairman

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