Rising gas prices could affect local tourism


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – The next surge in gas prices has raised concerns about the upcoming tourist season.

According to an AAA spokesman, Carolina had record average state gas prices of $ 4.12 a gallon.

The Wilmington and Beaches Convention & Visitors Bureau says tourism revived in Wilmington last year when restrictions on COVID-19 were eased. They say, despite rising gas prices, expect another busy year.

The hotel in the area still has a steady flow of pre-bookings.

“Much of our market is certainly a stimulus to the market, but they are in North Carolina. So despite the fact that gas prices have risen significantly, as we all know. You know, you’re looking at a trip that could cost $ 50 more to come here than – you know, that would have been earlier than gas prices, ”said Kim Huffham, president and CEO of the Bureau of Conferences and Visitors Wilmington and Beaches.

A spokesman for AAA Carolinas says high gas tariffs could lead to increased “accommodation” and local travel to areas such as Wilmington and nearby beaches.

“Historically, what we’ve seen on AAA, so it’s that rising gas prices over the years haven’t stopped people from traveling. You know, motorists are finding other ways to cut costs to save here or there, whether it’s housing or food, ”said Tiffany Wright, a spokeswoman for AAA Carolina.

Gary Harris, CEO of North Carolina Petroleum & Convenience Marketers, says gas stations are not raising prices as much as the average consumer believes. He said that the impact of the Ukrainian crisis on crude oil, as well as supply and demand are among the factors of rising oil prices.

“Taxes, which make up about 18% of the value or value, recycle on average about 11-12% of the cost and after recycling, that’s what your retailer charges you at perhaps 10% of the cost,” Gary Harris said. Northern CEO of Carolina Petroleum & Convenience Marketers.

Due to rising gas prices, many are looking for ways to save money. AAA encourages people to try to do all your chores in one day, avoid speeding, reduce excess weight in your car and make sure your car works well.

Rising gas prices could affect local tourism

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