Russian vodka “shoots” in the Clover distillery


CLOVER, SC (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – One local liquor store “shoots” in Russia.

The Lake Wylie liquor store in Clover refuses to sell Russian vodka in response to the ongoing war in Ukraine.

But instead of pouring it out, they use this alcohol to train on targets.

The video, which the store posted on its Facebook page on Thursday, has already garnered more than 1,500 views.

It shows a group of people who drink Russian vodka, but not the one usually associated with alcohol.

“We had a feeling people would like it,” said Lake Wylie liquor store owner Matthew Mugaver. “So we can get attention.”

Lake Wylie Liquor Store stops selling Russian vodka in response to the ongoing war.

“We just knew that once it started, we wouldn’t feel right to sell Russian vodka,” Mugavera said.

So instead of pouring it down the drain, they shoot.

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“What is happening is very bad,” Mugavera said. “And we’re just not going to sell it here. Even though I own it, it doesn’t matter – it has to go. So instead of throwing it away, we thought we’d have some fun with it and bring in a few customers and shoot it. “

A lot.

“We had quite a lot,” Mugavera said. “It was about 55 bottles we had in a week.”

One of the guns even has Ukrainian vodka.

“We actually sell AK 47 vodka, which caused it,” Mugavera said. “It’s a pistol model, similar to an AK with Ukrainian vodka and a light bulb lit up, and we said, ‘Let’s shoot,’ and that’s it.”

“Instead of pouring and dumping, our customers liked it and they’re on board,” Mugavera said. “Everyone we asked is one hundred percent in.”

The store encourages everyone to donate to Ukraine.

“Several people said, ‘You’re wasting!'” Mugavera said. “But I say, no, we are not wasting. We make good judgments and involve people in charities – all they can do. “

Lake Wylie Liquor is resolutely not letting Russian vodka out of its current collection and is holding on to the bullets.

“Never again,” Mugavera said. “Until Vlad leaves, we will not touch him.”

The store is raising funds to help the people of Ukraine, and sales of Ukrainian vodka have doubled.

Ten percent of all Ukrainian vodka goes to the Ukrainian Red Cross. One person even donated $ 3,000 to the store to help.

Russian vodka “shoots” in the Clover distillery

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