Save money on games and donate to charity by selling Bundle for Ukraine


After Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, charities around the world began to operate. Last Tuesday, This was stated by President Joe Biden The United States will send “tens of thousands of tons” of medical supplies, food and water to soldiers and civilians. Click here to find the best ways to donate to the Ukrainian people and forces.

But not all donations need to be as simple as clicking the donation button, entering the amount and clicking “Done”. Sometimes you can get more than just the pleasure of a good deed. Sometimes you can get almost 600 games for just $ 10.

If you are a gamer – or there are gamers in your life – you need to know about it Package for Ukraine. You can buy 992 gaming products for a minimum price of $ 10. The sale ends on Friday, March 18, so you should buy as soon as possible if you want to help Ukraine and at the same time get a good deal on the game.

What you need to know

So far, this set of indie games has raised over $ 5 million. All income is divided equally International Medical Corps and The voices of children. Of all the ways to help Ukraine, this is one of the most fun and cost-saving.

The items in this set come from 733 creators worldwide. Although you can buy 992 items for only $ 10, you can give even more to maximize your contribution.

There is a lot of variety in this massive set. This is a big deal for a big deal.

If you choose to spend $ 10 instead of increasing your donation, you will receive a 99% discount. In other words, if you bought everything in this set separately, you would pay huge money $ 6,550. That’s all Package for Ukraine can offer:

  • Nearly 600 video games that you can play on your computer
  • Dozens of books, magazines, comics and asset packages
  • Soundtracks and music from games
  • More than 300 analog desktop RPGs

It is located on, an open market where you can buy and sell indie video games. Although the site says it scans every game on its platform, we advise you to be careful in what you download in general. As with all downloads on the Internet, scan your games for malware.

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Of course, we have no reason to suspect that any of the files in this set may be causing problems. These are just good digital practices.

If you are interested in helping Ukraine through the magic of games, check out this link and share it on social media. You don’t want any of the gamers in your life to miss this time-limited deal!

There is something for everyone in this set

Whether you love fantasy, horror, romance or fighting, you will find a new favorite in this huge horn of plenty of games. Here are some fun and popular games that you can get for a super cool discount before the package expires on March 18:

  • Side words: Do you love Wordle and want something like that? Check out Sidewords, which gives you two words to work with. You have to form new words from all the letters in the grid. It’s visually pleasing and great for all ages.
  • Celeste: This is a single-user adventure game – a story about a young girl who explores a beautiful mountain. It gets deeper, but we won’t spoil it. This game is great for both kids and adults.
  • Baba is you: This popular puzzle game challenges you to move blocks around the 2D screen. It is experimental, thoughtful, whimsical and accurate. Get ready to destroy your brain by finding new solutions so you can guide your sheep character to victory!

One of my favorites A short hike. You play as a bird hovering around peaceful mountain landscapes. In my opinion, this magical game about friendly hikers is worth the $ 10 you spend on the whole set.

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Quick disclaimer

If you’re a longtime fan of The Kim Komando Show, you may remember that Kim has a policy of never giving back to websites that fund the crowd. This is because you just can’t be sure who is behind these things and even if one penny will help those in need. But we wanted to share this with you in case this is your business.

Also, here at Komando headquarters, we want to share with you great suggestions. If we heard you could access about 1,000 works worth over $ 6,500 for just $ 10 … well, we couldn’t keep it to ourselves. This set has a lot of high-quality games, for access to which you would have to pay big money.

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Right now, get TotalAV Internet Security’s annual plan for just $ 19 at This is over 85% off the regular price, only for our readers and listeners!

But if you want some reliable ways to support the people of Ukraine, we will tell you. Here are Kim’s recommendations.

More ways to help Ukraine

Kiev base Return Alive Foundation. is one of the largest charities in Ukraine. It raises money for the Ukrainian military and provides soldiers and volunteers with materials such as night vision devices and drones. You only need to know one detail: you need to contribute with Bitcoin or Patreon membership.

Of course, you can always trust the Red Cross. They will always send money directly to the people who need it, so you don’t have to worry about greedy hands stealing anything from above. Click here to donate to Ukraine through the Red Cross.

There is also Army of Ukraine SOS. This is a way to directly provide assistance to all units fighting for Ukraine. It coordinates the efforts of citizens like you to make sure that aid is directed directly to those who need it.

Save money on games and donate to charity by selling Bundle for Ukraine

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