Scardino and De Carolis meet in a huge all-Italian skirmish


Scardino and De Carolis meet in a huge all-Italian skirmish (Christian von Sponek)

Ukrainian space artist Sergei Bogachuk returns home to fight with compatriots (Christian von Sponek) YouTube channel

Daniele Scardina v. Giovanni De Carolis

Ivan Zuko against Mark Nikolic

Matchroom and OPI As the 82 return to Italy, the super-middleweights will occupy the center of the stage with Daniele Skardina and Giovanni de Carolis meeting in a huge all-Italian showdown on Friday 13 May at the Allianz Cloud in Milan, while the undefeated talent weighs 168 pounds Ivan Zuko faces Mark Nikolic at the Palazzetto dello Sport in his Verbania, Piedmont hometown, on Friday, April 22, live worldwide on DAZN.

Scardino (20-0 16 KOs) is defending his WBO Intercontinental title in the super-middleweight division against De Carolis (29-10-1 13 KOs), but at stake is much more right of boasting as the number one 168lber in the country. at night.

Skardina is ranked 10th in the WBO rankings, so the fight gives a chance for the winner to crash into the top five and start watching the biggest fights in the division. In 2021 in Milan, the 29-year-old recorded a pair of victories with breaks in Milan, returning to the ring after a 14-month absence, and won a defending title in the second of those victories, sending Jürgen Doberstein to four rounds in October.

De Carolis, a former WBA world champion, can restore his titled ambitions by defeating Skardina. The 37-year-old was battling Leron Richards for the European Championship in May 2021 in London, and after the Briton won, he returned to victory in six rounds at his Roma backyard in October.

In support of Skardina and De Carolis, Spaniard Mary Romero (7-2, 2 KOs) will defend her European Super Lightweight title against Italian Maria Ceca (6-0, 1 KO) for the second time, and the vacant Italian Super Lightweight title. will be claimed by Vincenzo La Femina (10-0, 5 KOs) or Matteo Lecco (9-2, 4 KOs), and there are eight round actions for Maxim Prodan (19-1-1 15 KOs), and in the super middleweight Cristiano Condelosi 6-0 2 KOs) and heavyweight Arons Biradi (2-0 2 KOs) will fight in six round fights.

“It will be an important and big fight,” Skardina said. “We are very focused; it will be a great live show around the world on DAZN ”.

“I’m excited to compete with Daniele,” De Carolis said. “This is a match that Italian boxing needs and it will attract a lot of attention internationally.”

Scardino and De Carolis will definitely attract the full attention of the invincible Zuka, who will strive to get his first international belt against Nikolic, with the WBC International title. Zuca (15-0, 13 KOs) leaves the domestic scene behind, winning the Italian title in April with a six-round victory over Luka Campano in Milan and just three rounds to hold Ignacio Crivello in his first defense in his hometown in July. The 26-year-old extended his streak knockout to five when he stopped Georgie Guigiani in the fourth round in December, winning his 13th distance victory in 15 professional appearances. Nikolic (28-1, 12 KOs) will come out to stop the growth of the Italian, and the Serb, who has traveled a lot and is experienced, will hold his fourth title fight in his 30th fight in the paid ranks.

Invincible “Roma” Mirko Natalisi (11-0, 7 KOs) is fighting for his first title against Welshman Tony Dixon (13-3, 4 KOs) for the WBC International Silver Super-middleweight title in the undercard, which also features Francesco Grandelli (15-1- 2 3 KOs) hosts Briton Kane Baker (17-8-1 1 KOs) for ten rounds in the lightweight division, Samuel Nmoma (16-0 5 KOs) meets Felice Mancheli (22-6-1 5 KOs) for eight rounds at the Super-Medium Weight, and there are six round actions for Mauro Forte (Lightweight, 16-0-2 6 KOs), Joshua Nmoma (Medium Weight, 10-0 3 KOs), Giovanni Sarkiotto middleweight, 2-0 2 KOs) and Voldy Tutin (Full Heavyweight, 1-0).

“I am proud to be able to describe an event of such international significance in my hometown of Verbania,” Zuko said. “I will be ready to win the green belt. As I always said: “Verbania is inseparable!”

“Our boxing schedule at DAZN only improves when we put on a show around the world, this time in Italy with a huge all-Italian showdown between Daniele Skardina and Giovanni De Carolis and Ivan Zuca vs. Marco Nikolic in his hometown,” said Ed Breeze, EVP Rights in DAZN. “These are two tough fights with home-grown talents seeking to declare domestically and on the world stage. You don’t want to miss the evenings of Italian back-to-back fights, live around the world on DAZN ”.

“Glad to be back in Italy from 2 shows on April 22 and May 13,” said Matchroom Boxing CEO Frank Smith. “We have been building with Skardina for many years, and now the biggest domestic rival will take place in Milan on May 13. After the pandemic it is strange to bring back the fans. Don’t miss it live and on request at DAZN! ”

“I want to thank Daniele Scardino and Giovanni De Carolis for taking this fight,” Christian Cerchi told OPI Since 82. Without a doubt, this is the biggest fight Italian boxing can present at this time. We expect a sold-out arena and great spectators at DAZN. We are also very excited to promote Ivan’s first international title in his beautiful hometown of Verbania. His fight with Nikolic will be a step forward in the competition. Natalie will challenge Dixon in her first title attempt, and Grandelli will meet Baker in a fight that promises fireworks. Don’t miss it live and on request at DAZN. “

Tickets for both shows will be available at Full details will be released this week.

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Scardino and De Carolis meet in a huge all-Italian skirmish

Source link Scardino and De Carolis meet in a huge all-Italian skirmish