Several people were rescued from a house fire by an NC woman


Davy County, North Carolina (WGHP) – Quick thinking helped save two people trapped in a burning house last weekend.

A house on the corner of Cornatzer Road and George Jones Road in Mocksville caught fire around 5:30 a.m. Sunday, according to Devi County Fire Investigator Jerry Myers.

25-year-old Morgan Smith of Moxville told FOX8 she was returning home from lunch and drove away moments after the house caught fire.

“I just ran,” Smith said. “There were people I had to get out of.”

Smith knew the people inside. The house was rented by her father and where her old nanny lived.

“I was dropped off here every day,” she said. “I’ve seen these people every day of my childhood.”

Myers told FOX8 that when the fire started, there were two women in their 70s inside.

Smith did not hesitate to help.

“I ran into the house,” Smith said. “I didn’t have to run through the front door. I had to run behind, but I said everyone needed to be released now. ”

Smith said one of the women needed a wheelchair and the other was bedridden.

“I didn’t know she couldn’t answer me,” she said. “I have 100 pounds, and she’s a good 30, 40, maybe on me … so I had to pull her as far as possible.”

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Smith carried her through the smoke and flames to the back door.

“I’ve never done anything like that,” Smith said. “I’m so shocked I’ve never felt it before.”

Other neighbors have joined to help deliver the two women to a safer place.

“I want to glorify God for putting me in the right place at the right time because there is everything. He has a reason for everything he does, ”she said.

Smith told FOX8 that after this experience she wants to become a firefighter and is considering training soon.

It is expected that the two houses will be fine. The house is considered a complete loss. The Red Cross helps them find housing.

The fire was declared accidental.

Several people were rescued from a house fire by an NC woman

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