Shocking Hidden Cameras You Can Actually Buy (They’re Like Spy Gear!)


If you think James Bond’s infamous spy gear is too funny to be true, think again. Life is often stranger than fiction. Take, for example, shocking hidden cameras that can be drunk, lit or even hidden in a shirt.

There’s even a hidden audio recorder that you can wear in your hair. It’s hidden inside the tie, so people will never suspect your ponytail recorded them. This is just the tip of the iceberg: there are all kinds of weird hidden recording devices, like cameras disguised as water bottles or TV remotes.

If you ever want to check out an area to see if there are hidden cameras, we’ve got you covered. Tap or click here for a few ways to find hidden cameras in Airbnb or rental properties. Here are 10 shocking hidden cameras you can actually buy.

Before I continue, a quick disclaimer

Do not use them to stalk or harass anyone. We’re sharing them for two reasons: First, they’re incredibly cool gadgets, and we love sharing the latest and greatest tech. Second, hidden cameras can be a great way to keep your loved ones safe when you’re not around.

If someone who cares for your child or an elderly relative is abusive, these cameras provide powerful evidence that you can use in court. Just double check your state’s recording laws.

1. How to catch creeps walking around your property

You can take this fake garage door remote anywhere you want. It’s great for watching a babysitter or someone in your car. This hidden spy camera captures 1080p video or high quality stills.

It lasts up to 30 hours and has remote control functions and time and date stamps, so you can easily organize your recordings in case you need to use them in court later.

2. Undercover cops and private investigators love this one

You can pretend to drink from this bottle while the hidden camera reveals everything. It records in 1080p HD and has up to 128GB of storage. You can record to PC or SD card, connect 32 cameras and get 12 hours of battery life.

3. No one will notice that tiny camera on your shirt

Wearable hidden cameras are easy to miss. This one is brilliant because it’s open.

This camera obscura records up to 22 hours of 1080p HD video directly to an SD card. It has a battery so you don’t have to deal with wires that would give you away.

It even has remote control functions, time stamps and four button styles, so you can match your look without raising suspicion.

4. Get a 2-in-1: a wall outlet that doubles as a hidden camera

Maybe you don’t want a hidden camera on your body. In that case, here’s a completely harmless hidden camera. If you want to catch a babysitter or someone messing around in your home, consider this functional wall outlet that doubles as a hidden camera.

It records in 1080p HD — and has a removable SD card and timestamps.

5. This humidifier is one of the most shocking hidden cameras

This is a great option for parents who don’t want to arouse suspicion. Consider this humidifier with a hidden camera if you want to be sure your babysitter or babysitter is treating your children well.

It streams in 4K and records in 1080p HD. It has 128GB of built-in storage, you can view it remotely via Wi-Fi, and it records to a PC or SD card.

6. Carry drinks with you in this portable chamber designed like a water bottle

I know what you’re thinking, “Water and electronics? No way!” But this water bottle has a hidden camera that streams live video — and it comes with a free app for your phone or tablet.

It records at 720p resolution and comes with a 128GB SD card. You can even receive instant traffic alerts through your email and app. Oh, and it can actually carry some liquid at the top so people who see it think it’s real.

7. Let there be light

This device is totally worth the price. Not only does it light up and charge your devices, but it can also stream and record 1080p HD video.

It comes with time and date stamps, email alerts and motion detection.

8. Everyone has a remote control. Few people have a remote that records the room!

Place it next to your TV to record everything that happens nearby. This remote streams video in 4K and records in 1080p HD.

You can view it remotely via Wi-Fi, record to PC or SD card, and shoot unlimited videos.

9. One of our favorite shocking hidden cameras can record dangerous drivers

Abusers often show their true colors when you are trapped in a car with them. They can swerve, accelerate and stop abruptly to throw you off.

To record any incidents of abuse, get this hidden camera that looks like a car charger. It records 1080p HD video, has clear night vision, auto-records and can record several hours of video.

10. We expect our food to feed us, not spy on us!

No one will ever suspect that this jar of spaghetti is secretly recording it in 1080p HD video.

This can come with Wi-Fi remote viewing, motion recording, 20 hours of battery life and low-light shooting. You receive time and date stamps along with email alerts.

BONUS: Now that you’ve seen the most shocking hidden cameras, check out this hidden voice recorder inside a hair band

Okay, so it’s not a camera, but we had to show you the hair band that records your voice. (Some things you just have to see for yourself!)

Buy this hair band and you can secretly record up to 250 hours of audio. It has a voice-activated mode that can remain dormant for up to 25 days. Audio recordings in MP3 format 64 kbps. Oh, and it also has date and time stamps so you know when each audio file was recorded.

While hidden cameras can be scary to use, they can also shed light on real problems. One 14-year-old girl used hidden cameras to capture evidence that her father was abusing her, This is reported by ABC News. No one believed her, so she brought the video evidence to the authorities.

Of course, not all uses are grim. Hidden cameras can also capture magical moments, such as when parents find out their daughter is pregnant. Check it out here:

If any of these hidden cameras catch your eye, try them out and let us know what you think. You can apply for Twitter or Facebook. You can even send Kim a letter!

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Shocking Hidden Cameras You Can Actually Buy (They’re Like Spy Gear!)

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