Should Denver Broncos sign Colin Copernicus as a backup?


Colin Copernicus is ready to become a reserve defender because he wants to get a chance to return to the NFL

Colin Copernicus’ last photo was in 2016 San Francisco 49ers. Since then, QB 6’4 ″ has left the league, winning an agreement with the National Football League (NFL), creating the Netflix series and writing a book in the process.

All the while, Copernicus has stated that he will remain ready in hopes of returning, holding many throwing sessions and recently throwing in front of scouts during the spring football game in Michigan.

Recently, a video appeared in which Copernicus declares his readiness to be a reserve defender and just wants the opportunity to compete.

Many are interested in one thing … Should Denver Broncos become a team to bring in Colin Copernicus as a reserve QB?

The answer is yes, and here’s why:

yes Russell Wilson will be the guy is responsible for goodwill, but if recent years of fighting QB and injuries have taught us anything, it’s because another experienced QB is never bad.

Currently, the Broncos QB depth chart consists of Wilson, Bret Ripien and Josh Johnson. Adding Kaepernick to the mix would be helpful with his modern double-threat ability. He could get into tricks as much as Marcus Marriott of the Las Vegas Raiders, and could add a new threat to the game plan.

Nor would it hurt to have a better safety option in case of unforeseen injuries that may occur during the season.

Copernicus’ figures speak for themselves. He started 58 of 69 games with 72 landing landings compared to just 30 interceptions. He has only 2,300 yards to throw with 13 touchdowns.

He led the 49ers to the Super Cup in 2013 after receiving a 5-2 record when he won the starting position under Alex Smith and posted his best season next year with a score of 12-4. He has a record in the playoffs 4-2, and two of these victories are winning games.

All of this experience can help add to what is expected to be an electrical offense.

What do you think? Should the Broncos attract Colin Copernicus?

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Should Denver Broncos sign Colin Copernicus as a backup?

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